The Stairway to Heaven – Tadiandamol Trek



Popular in the southern Indian travel society. Tadiandamol Trek is a popular choice for climbers. It’s also a favorite among experienced adventurers who end their climbs in western ghats. Many tourists also travel to Madikeri and Coorg, which are well-known slope towns.

Guide for you –

You will be taken to the highest peak in the region of Kodagu, Karnataka’s third-highest peak.

The Tadiandamol Journey is west-ghat travel that passes through the Brahmagiri Forest Sanctuary.

Tadiandamol Trek

You can explore this area through thick shola forests and intersections with lakes. It is a beautiful woven art of ravishing fields. You should also experience the Tadiandamol top’s mists.
No matter how experienced you are at walking, the trip will test your endurance. This walk is suitable for fit young people. You can set it up properly by following these tips and detailed climbing data.

We are just like you and we love to travel! This is an excursion we have recorded so you can do it yourself. If you need assistance, please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the page. All the necessary information for the Tadiandamol Trek will be available to you.

Flying up the stairs to Heaven Information

There will be many millipedes and versicoloured Calotes. You might also see some butterfly animals. If you’re lucky, you may even see a snake crawling along the path. You will have the whole thing if you walk in a rainstorm or storm.

It is possible to separate Tadiandamol Trek into four sections. If you have your own vehicle, jeep/vehicle or vehicle from Kakkabe, the main fragment can be rejected until the Nalknad Palace. The following pages will require you to be substantial.

From the intersection, the street runs straight until you reach the Nalknad Palace. Without much difficulty, a vehicle can take you to the Naked Palace. If you have your own vehicle, you can jump to the next area. You can also read about the best route to get there and how to return.

This course will take you to a variety of resorts and occasion houses. If you intend to stay for more than one night, you should book your ticket before you start the course.
Walking for the sake of discovering different greenery is a great way to keep your eyes and ears open.

The entire journey will be mapped out on pepper ranches and espresso bequests. There are also Arecanut trees (Betelnut trees), Nutmeg and fishtail palm trees as well as many other trees in farmlands that ascend.

Birds also call out to each other in the early morning hours.

For approximately 40 minutes, travel and Zigzag streets towards Nalknad’s royal residence. This notable royal residence can be visited on the way back down. This is something you won’t want to waste your energy trying to find. It was the last spot vehicle that could travel until mid-2020. Significant squares were not yet laid down prior to the foundation at Tadiandamol. When this happens, the vehicles will travel as far as they can up to the base. The journey currently takes you uphill from Nalknad through a section of mud and rocks. This is where the real walking begins. The cascade is located at the beginning of the journey from Nalknad Palace. This cascade is visible only five minutes into your journey, assuming that you are walking in a rainstorm or after-moon season. You will walk for nearly an hour through lush green foliage.

You can see the last house where there is a small stream about 30 minutes into the journey. You can recharge your water jug here. The base of Tadiandamol is just a 10-minute drive away. The entire region is visible from the right side.

You will be traversing the stunning Shola forests of Evergreen

The Shola backwoods can be found in valleys and on top of high rocky areas. This walk is a refuge for many species of fauna and greenery.

The entire trip will be characterized by pepper ranches and espresso domains. You will also find the Arecanut and Nutmeg here, as well as fishtails and several other arbours.

Keep an eye out for these things

Looking up at the Green slopes from Tadiandamol’s top

The view from the summit is breathtaking at 5,735 feet above the ocean. The green hills should be visible scattered over the eyes. This extends from the top towards each path.

Valleys are full of woods with an evergreen tone

This view can be difficult because of the mists that cover the country during storms and after-rainstorm times. To improve the image, you should go before the beginning of the late spring season.


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