About Us

To all bloggers and web writers, we are providing you with an exceptional blogging platform. Creating content is not easy as it is not just about putting words. If you are into creating blogs and want to share your words with the world, write for us. To promote your business, good content is necessary. People will only credit your business if they find it authentic. Create blogs for your business and send them to us. We will share your blogs on our website which will help to boost your business. Before writing any article or blog, please read our mentioned guidelines.

Writing guidelines for JustAnotherBlogger.org

Topic Ideas

For JustAnotherBlogger you can submit your article on any kind of topic. We welcome blogs or articles of all genres. You can select any topic related to your business and interests. Some common topic ideas for blogs are:

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Reviews & Recommendations
  • Home Decor
  • Travel
  • Social Media
  • Pets
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Automobile
  • Architecture
  • Performing Arts
  • Historical
  • Food
  • Sports

You can choose any topic for your blogs. However, we are not accepting any blogs or articles related to controversy or ill activities like adult content or racism. Any blog related to ill activities will be rejected immediately. Choose your topic wisely and share your blog with us.

Post Quality

You must write quality content about your business. We are sharing your blogs on our website but the results are in your hands. Just getting more views won’t help if the content is not up to quality. You must write a blog that can help you in business promotion. Create content that can help visitors to understand your business well. You are writing blogs for a purpose. Create content that can fulfill the purpose. Write informative content to boost your business. When you create quality content, it easily ranks on the top result pages.


For every article and blog, photos are necessary. In your article, you can add photos related to your business. It helps to improve the appearance and can attract more visitors to the blog. But you must add photos with requisite permission. Adding photos with other credits won’t be helpful. Create photos that can provide a better image of your business. Before adding the photo, check for its size and quality. Add clear images with minimum size. Adding heavy images can slow down the page loading time. If the loading time is more, visitors may close the page immediately. You can add multiple photos to a single blog depending on the size of your blog.


While writing a blog, add a link to your business website. With the link, visitors can easily find your business. Along with the business website, you can also add backlinks to older posts. Creating anchors for other pages can be very beneficial for your business. When a person is interested in your business, he might want to get more information. With these links, he can directly visit other pages and will understand the business better. Adding backlinks for other pages will also increase traffic to your older blogs.

Post Length

Web articles are not notes nor novels. You must write the blog within an appropriate length. Create a blog that can cover all essential information about your business. The blog length must be at least 1000 words. Put words that can create a clear representation of your business. Don’t plagiarize any content on the blog. Any kind of plagiarism can lead to post-rejection.

Title and Format

Create an attractive title for your blog. On the result pages, users can only read the title and meta-description. To get more clicks on your blog, create a title that can attract people. Add a title that can tell about the content on the blog. Also, add a few good words to the meta-description. The format, headings, and subheadings must provide a good reading flow. Good titles and headings are also necessary for web ranking.

Author Bio and SEO-friendly Content

Your article must be shared under your name. Create a good author biography that can allow the readers to learn about you and your business. The blogs must fulfill all SEO parameters. To get a better ranking on SERPs, SEO is necessary. Create SEO-friendly blogs to find a better spot for your business on the web.