Matheran Jungle Camping – The Most Beautiful Location



Matheran Hill Station, located 110 km from Pune and 80 km from Mumbai is the nearest place. This campground, which is untested and unique, is close to Neral. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway. You don’t have to stay at Lonavala if you want to enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

It is a great idea to take a weekend break from urban life to escape the madness and chaos of an urban jungle. Matheran Hill Station camping offers a unique experience as it provides campers with many visual aids that are of natural beauty. Camping sites will allow you to experience the true essence of camping in nature.

Matheran Jungle Camping

It is situated on the Matheran Mound, near Neral Karjat. This quiet camping site is surrounded by historical hiking trails such as Garbett, One Tree Hill, and Peb Fort. According to legend, the waters of the Mediterranean Sea sparkle in the sky. The main attractions for peaceful settlers are Matheran’s rural area and the jungle in the old country.

How to get to Matheran

Pune and Mumbai:

Take the bus/train to Karjat. Take the bus or train to Neral from Karjat. Take the toy train from Neral to Matheran (No Running during corona). Or, take a private vehicle until Matheran begins at Neral.

Toy trains (Rs. 45 for class 2, Rs. 300 for class 1 from the Matheran Market entrance. You can also ride horses from the Matheran Entry to the market. (approximately Rs. 600 per head)

Matheran: Places to See

Are you wondering what there is to see in Matheran There are many places to visit in Matheran? There are plenty of places to explore for adventure-lovers, friends, nature lovers and families. You don’t have to worry about going with your loved ones, as there are many fun places in Matheran that will make your vacation unforgettable. Check it out to see where you’ll be traveling next.

Louisa Point: For Trekkers

Louisa Point is a must-see Matheran destination for photographers and travelers. It offers stunning views of Prabal Fort, Vishalgarh and other landmarks. During the rainy season, this hillock’s azure beauty rises in leaps and bounds. Louisa Point is one of the most popular Matheran spots you can visit. It is a wonderful spot for nature lovers.

Location: Raigad District in Matheran, Maharashtra, 410206

Places to Visit: Prabal Fort (Vishal Gad Fort) and the Lion’s Head

You can enjoy amazing photography and hiking.

The best time to visit: October-November

The appropriate time is less than an hour


Porcupine Point: A Sunset View


Sunset Point is also known as a mountain. It offers both peace and adventure.

Matheran Hills, Matheran India

Places to visit: Charlotte Lake and Monkey point & Panorama points

Things to Do: Take in the sunset, take photos, hike

The best time to visit: After rainy, October-November

Proper time: 2-3 hours

Alexander Point: For Photographers

Alexander Point has been listed as one of the most picturesque places in Matheran. It is a spot where you can unwind in the natural setting. You can also see Rambaug Point and Palasdari Lake from this viewing area. Matheran is the best place to escape the heat in Maharashtra. Enjoy the cool breeze, white clouds and breathtaking views.

Location: Alexander Point Trail in Matheran (Maharashtra 410102).

Places to See: The Charlotte Lake and the Sunset Point

Things to Do: Enjoy Nature Photography

The best time to visit: May and October

Proper time: 4 to 5″ hours

Khandala Point is a popular hangout spot

Khandala Point, among many Matheran points that are happy, is the most loved! Because it is close to the highway, it is a popular spot for nature lovers and photographers who love to capture scenic scenes with their cameras.

It can be found at St Mary’s Villa Road in Khandala (Lonavala India).

Places to See: Alexander Point, Chowk, and Panorama Place

Things to Do: Take a walk, repeat, and enjoy stunning views

The best time to visit: May and October

Accuracy Time: Minimum 2 hours

Matheran Camping Details

  • You can share a tent with your blanket and carpet.
  • Western toilets can be found.
  • Movie viewings during the week
  • Live music on weekends.
  • A quick midnight trip.
  • Vegetarian only.
  • Distance from Matheran station to camp: 1.5 km


Child – It can cost around 1200 Rs per person (4 and 9 years).
Adults – Rs 2000 Per Person (10 Years and Older).

Matheran Camping Tour

Day 1

12:00 PM Enter the campground

12:00 pm Lunch

Camp activities from 02:00 to 05:00

06:00 PM High Tea

20:00 BBQ

21:00 Dinner

Film screening

Midnight Trek (20-25min walk)

Day 2

Sunrise Morning Trek, 5:30 – 6:30 a.m.

07:30 am Freshen up.

09:00 am Breakfast

10:00 am See

Things to keep

  • Protect your face with a mask or shield
  • Sanitiser.
  • Extra batteries for Flashlight
  • Additional towels and clothes.
  • Shoes for walking
  • Winter clothes: Warm clothes
  • If possible, personal medicine
  • A mosquito repellent cream.
  • Sunscreen and suncap.
  • Ownership proof.


Night camps are a unique way to connect with nature. This provides a break from all pressures. These are the best places to escape from the chaos of city life and to invest your energy in the natural environment while you travel to Maharashtra.


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