GP RCS: How to Choose the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon to Perform Your Nose Surgery?


Technology developments annually increase the precision and predictability of rhinoplasty. Your nose can be changed to flatter your face for a lifetime with the help of a qualified plastic surgeon with expertise and skill, as well as the proper facial conditions.

It’s not simple, though. Be picky when choosing your physician, advises Dr. Naveed Azhar, a facial plastic surgeon in Islamabad: “Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging cosmetic surgery operations performed; 20% of my rhinoplasty surgeries are for revision rhinoplasty.”

How to Choose the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon to Perform Your Nose Surgery

So you must be very selective while choosing for a rhinoplasty surgeon. This article will explain to you the best tips for choosing the finest rhinoplasty surgeon for you.

Top Qualities to Look for in a Surgeon Find a surgeon who:

  • Is board-certified and has a speciality in either oral and maxillofacial surgery or plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty is another procedure that otolaryngologists (ENTs) are trained to do.
  • Has expertise treating patients with your particular ailment
  • Practises at a hospital or surgical centre that is renowned for their excellence in surgical outcomes and patient safety
  • Acknowledges your protection (on the off chance that you are having rhinoplasty for clinical reasons)

You feel at ease speaking with them, and they fully address your questions.
The following five stages will help you identify the finest surgeon to conduct your rhinoplasty.

Do they have experience performing rhinoplasty?

It is crucial to confirm that the cosmetic surgeon you select has experience doing the rhinoplasty operation and will deliver the outcomes you desire. Ask the surgeon the following questions, making sure to:

  • What institution did you attend for training?
  • What is the length of time that you have been conducting rhinoplasty?
  • Do you conduct a certain number of rhinoplasties each week?

Ask Questions:

Pick a surgeon for rhinoplasty with whom you can communicate. Your understanding of your alternatives and the surgical procedure can improve with more questions. Before having a rhinoplasty, patients are encouraged to understand as much as they can about the process. We encourage queries. Having a conversation with each patient is Dr. Naveed Azhar’s main goal. You will be more satisfied before, during, and after the treatment as a result, according to our research.

The patient’s medical history should also be discussed, and the nose surgeon should go over the rhinoplasty choices that will produce the best outcomes for the patient. For the patient to have realistic expectations about, among other things, postoperative care, recovery time, and potential hazards, the surgeon should also go over all parts of the rhinoplasty procedure with them. The final line is that a patient should seek out a different surgeon if a surgeon doing a rhinoplasty does not make them feel comfortable.

See before and After Photos:

The results that rhinoplasty surgeons provide to their patients reflect their knowledge and expertise. The before and after pictures of a rhinoplasty surgeon are a portfolio of their work and a fantastic tool to judge the abilities and personal style of a nose surgeon.

More significantly, by looking at the before and after pictures, you may see how the operation affected noses that were like yours in terms of size and shape and obtain a general idea of your nose after your future surgery with that particular specialist. This is crucial because different surgeons may be better suited for particular procedures, such as working on fleshy versus boney noses.

Personalized Care:

It’s crucial to locate a nose surgeon who provides individualised care for each patient. In doing rhinoplasty surgery, this surgeon stays away from the “one-size-fits-all” philosophy. Instead, they devote the time, effort, and resources required to give each patient the individualised treatment they deserve.

Malpractice history:

Misconduct history is another often employed screening method. Without a doubt, nobody wants to have their face operated on by a surgeon who has a track record of intentionally negligent and performing terrible surgery. As a result, it is a prudent first step in the selection process to inquire about any malpractice activity with the state medical board. The number of malpractice judgements or settlements against a certain surgeon raises suspicion, even though they are sometimes baseless and frivolous, and should be taken into account when making a choice.

Qualities of the best Rhinoplasty Surgeon:

The following qualities, in general, characterise a good rhinoplasty surgeon:

  • Ability to listen to the patient’s wants and concerns with great patience and communicate effectively with them.
  • Willingness to give the patient thorough explanations of the various components of the procedure, such as the type of surgery, the expected outcomes, potential complications, pre- and post-op dos and don’ts, the recovery period, etc.
  • A readiness to take into account the patient’s wishes.
  • Possessing a high aesthetic sense, being well-versed in the harmony of the various facial features, and, when performing surgery, taking into account the proportion of the face.
  • Placing the patient’s well-being and health before their financial interests.
  • Being an ENT or plastic surgeon with board certification
  • Using cutting-edge medical technology and the most recent rhinoplasty techniques
  • Ability to adapt each surgery to the specific requirements of each patient (as opposed to using a “one-size-fits-all” strategy)
  • Valuing long-term assistance and ongoing support highly so that the patient could rely on them if they required assistance in their recovery

The Reality On the most proficient method to Pick a Rhinoplasty Surgeon

So the Capital residents who are considering having a nose job done frequently choose Dr Naveed Azhar of the Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad. He is a head and neck surgeon with a well-known reputation for facial plastic surgery.

A patient can find out more about Dr Naveed Azhar’s all-inclusive method of nose surgery by scheduling a consultation. As he assesses his patient’s suitability for the procedure, Dr Naveed Azhar will provide information on nose surgery. To ensure that the patient is happy with their rhinoplasty, he will then work closely with them.

People thinking about rhinoplasty surgery can schedule in-person consultations with Dr Naveed Azhar at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad. Please call us on the given number on our website or email us right away if you’d like to learn more or seek a consultation.


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