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Driving is fun until you have to pass an exam to keep doing it. Yes, that’s a class-5 license test for you. It comes with its requirements that may not be very friendly to some.

As a class 5 license holder can move passengers, it requires keeping some safety precautions in mind. That’s why we ought to provide you with everything you need to know about class 5 driving training Vancouver. First, let’s start with some basics.

What is a class 5 driver’s license?

A class 5 driver’s license in Canada is used to operate any passenger vehicle, such as a cab, service vehicle, or truck. Getting this license makes you a fully-certified British Columbian driver. It has no restrictions and remains valid for five years, after which you need to renew it. With this permit, you can drive:

Class 5 Driving Training Vancouver

  • Any passenger vehicle
  • An RV (recreational vehicle) or a motor home
  • A service vehicle (a vehicle used to tow vehicles)
  • a bus or tractor
  • a moped or motorized scooter
  • a 3-wheel T-rex

In Canada, there are various categories of licenses. Each one of them indicates the driver’s authorization to operate different vehicles. The requirements and rules of each differ based on the state. Let’s now move towards the eligibility criteria for a class 5 license.

What are the requirements of a class 5 license?

Not everyone can simply register for a driving school and get a class 5 driver’s license. As it enables you to become a professional driver, it comes with some serious eligibility criteria. It involves:

  • Having 16 years of age or above
  • Consent of your parents or guardian
  • Having a learner’s license
  • A novice driving experience of at least two years without any prohibitions

There are three basic steps to achieving a class 5 driver’s license:

  1. Obtaining a learner’s license
  2. Getting the driver’s training from an approved school
  3. Passing the license exam and road test

Obtaining a learner’s license:

To apply for a learner’s license in Vancouver, you must be at least 16 years or older. The learner’s exam involves passing a knowledge test with the primary driving questions. Getting 40 out of 50 questions right is essential to pass the exam.

Getting the driver’s training

Completing at least 5 hours of class 5 driver training is essential to apply for the license test. For this, you will have to choose a government-approved Driving School In Vancouver. Different schools have different passing methods. Anyhow, you have to pass the training and get their certification to move forward. Choosing an institute with a high certificate reputation and good training instructors should be your priority.

Passing the license exam

The license exam consists of a comprehensive road test. You have to bring your own car for the test. Before the test, the examiner will conduct a pre-trip check. It involves checking all the parts of your vehicle to ensure safety. He might also briefly explain the test and ask you a thing or two about driving.

During the road test, the examiner will ask you to do different tasks like driving through hurdles, applying breaks, parking between cars, etc. A person who completed a class 5 driving training Vancouver can pass this exam more confidently. After the exam, the examiner will tell you if you passed or not, what you did wrong, and the improvements you need. The whole test and the results take about 30-45 minutes.

Selecting an approved driving school

To get a class 5 license, selecting a trusted driving school is recommended. It not only helps you get the license more swiftly but also improves your confidence and knowledge behind the wheel. It may also save you money on car insurance. You can learn many safety tips by selecting the right school. However, the best institute must have:

Government-approved: The most basic requirement of a driving school is that it must be licensed and meet the Transportation department standards.

Great reputation: The most trusted and credible institute will have excellent customer reviews, and its training certificate has much worth in the transportation department.

Experienced Trainers: Another essential factor to look for in a driving school is the trainers and their experience. You can find this information on the company’s website or ask for suggestions from your circle.

Course material: The class 5 driving training Vancouver must cover all the essential driving factors, from basic to advanced levels. It should extend theory classes as well as extensive practice sessions.


A class-5 driver’s license helps you operate passenger vehicles and make you a full-licensed driver. However, getting the permit is not a piece of cake. It requires passing many things. Obtaining a class-5 driving training Vancouver can help you pass the test and become safer driving with the proper teaching methods. Anyhow, choosing the right institute, such as (StepbyStepDrivingSchool), is essential to get all the benefits you deserve.



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