Everything to Know About Pawna Lake


Camping is the ideal activity for taking a short break from a hectic lifestyle and enjoying your vacation or short holiday from work. It is a vacation you could enjoy with your family. Camping in Maharashtra is an extremely delightful activity, especially with its beautiful campsites. 

Maharashtra features one of the most beautiful campsites with splendid views of forts and a green expanse of land in the surrounding. There are various campsites in Maharashtra but Pawna Lake Camping is the most exquisite site for a vacation cum weekend treat. 

Pawna Lake

Pawna lake is one of the most peaceful and beautiful campsites in Maharashtra. It is located in Lonavala. It captivates the attention and admiration of hundreds of tourists. Camping in the beautiful sky with your partner or family is the most wonderful thing to do on a weekend, especially if the camp is set up by Pawna Lake. 

Everything to Know About Pawna Lake

The Pawna campsite is surrounded by lush and green natural scenery. You can play badminton, volleyball, ludo, chess or carrom there. For a little visual delight, you can sit by the Pawna dam and let your senses admire the sight of water falling down the height with a gushing sound. 

Among the recreational activities, trekking and rafting are the most adventurous and entertaining here. Nights at Pawna lake are exquisite if one lights up a bonfire and sets up a hot barbeque. Don’t forget to take your camera and first aid kit along.

Best time to visit Pawna Lake

The climate in Lonavala is decent and appropriate for visiting throughout the year. Summers at Pawna Lake start in March and extend up to the end of April. Summers at Pawna lake are short yet hot and humid. It witnesses high humidity during summers and hence makes it uncomfortable for tourists. 

However, the nights are pleasant and cool. The place has a tropical climate and therefore receives considerable rainfall throughout the year. The monsoons at Pawna are lively and splendid and the surroundings are abundant with meadows and pastures. Winters are cool and pleasant. Winter is considered excellent for visiting Pawna lake in Maharashtra. 

Things to do in Pawna Lake

1. Adventure at Dudhiware waterfall

One can enjoy activities like water rappelling, zip lining, valley crossing, etc. It’s a 2 tier waterfall at the height of 135 feet. Its streams are active during monsoon and monsoon is the only season for waterfall rappelling. 

2. Camping at Pawna lake

Pawna lake also called Pawna Dam Reservoir is 25 km from Lonavala and is extremely popular as a picnic spot and camping site. This is one of the quickest weekend vacation trips and the most preferred picnic spots near Mumbai and Pune. 

Pawna lake is very popular and attracts a lot of corporate and young crowds. Tents can be seen lined around the periphery of the lake and one can relish meals around nature. 

3. Paragliding at Pawna lake

Pawna lake offers adventurers the opportunity to paraglide. Paragliding allows you to enjoy a wonderful flight over the Pawna dam. Besides, you can watch the sunset on the horizon. Flying in the sky and looking down at the world like you’re above and beyond everything is exhilarating! 

4. Trek up to Lohagad Or Visapur 

Lonavala is home to beautiful forts and mountains. Lohagad fort and Visapur forts are located in Lonavala. Lohagad is one of the best forts in Lonavala which can be visited at any point in the year. It is connected to Visapur and both the forts can be visited in just one day. 

Visapur fort is larger and higher. One can trek up to the two forts and it could make an extremely entertaining yet easy exercise. 

5. Tikona  Fort trek

Tikona is also known as vitandgad and is a hill fort in Mawal or Lonavala. It is situated near Kamshet and is 37.7 km from Lonavala. The 3500 feet high hill is pyramidal in shape and hence its name ‘Tikona’ which means triangular. 

The fort is an amazing trekking destination known for colossal doors, the temple of Mahadev, seven water tanks, and Satvahan caves. There’s a temple inside the cave which is a major attraction of the fort beside the water cistern. The entry to the fort is steep and through stairs. 

6. Kayaking at Pawna lake

Kayaking in Pawna has gained popularity among the adventure community and is still an offbeat sport at Pawna.


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