NueMD Vs UroChart: Top EMR Choice of the Doctors


The top-performing EMR systems for the United States are NueMD and UroChart. We will provide all the information you need about these EMR systems in this guide.

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NueMD EMR Software

NueMD EMR software is able to manage patient data and keep it accurate and current. From patient charts, you can view patient records and order lab results. You can also alert other providers to any abnormal findings. It is possible to add charges to patient bills immediately. NueMD can also schedule and bill, check patient information and print pertinent literature. It is a great choice for medical professionals because it has a 99.9% success ratio on the first attempt.

NueMD Vs UroChart

NueMD Software’s Top Features

You can easily personalize

EMR software can be customized to provide tailored services for over 100 specialities. It allows doctors to access patient information from multiple departments and manage them all in one place. It allows practices to customize their workflow by creating templates that correspond to each patient encounter. The software also has a record-keeping module, which allows you to create clinical charts and capture charges. You can also start claims. It can be used to create prescriptions from a patient’s chart. You can include preferred pharmacies and preferred medication.

NueMD has many advantages, including the ability to be customized and affordable. It is secure and can be accessed from any location. It also offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. It offers cloud-based management tools for small practices, as well as medical billing. The company’s eMDR software is available for more than 100 specialities and has an industry-leading first-pass claim acceptance rate.


NueMD EHR software makes it easy to schedule appointments, bill and generate claims. This software allows your staff to save time and energy and allows you and your patients to give the best possible care. Flexible billing and practice management options are available. With its HIPAA-compliant claims clearance house and mobile document application, you can meet the needs of your practice. Secure fax management is also possible. All users can have unlimited practice locations.

Doctors can access patient data through a patient portal and communicate with patients. The patient portal allows patients to view their charts and share their diagnoses. Patients can also book appointments online. Patients can also be accessed by their providers to share lab results and records. Patients can create and organize prescriptions from their charts. It can also be used to schedule lab tests. Online access to lab results is possible for patients. Patients will be notified if there are any abnormalities. EHR software offers guided workflows and a complete patient management system.

NueMD provides integrated billing solutions. NueMD’s billing module can be modified to send claims directly from any party. This feature speeds up claims processing. The billing module can be adjusted to fit your billing load. Within 30 days of receipt, you can recover claims. The billing module allows you to create pricing bundles that are tailored to your practice’s revenue cycle.

Onc-ATCB certified

The ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Board has certified Nuemd EMR Software. The ONC-Authorized Testing and Certification Board (ONC-ATCB) has certified the software. It meets all requirements for meaningful use. Software features include e-prescribing, lab integration, workflow workflows and narrative reports. The software can also be used with tablets. It comes with a certification that it is up-to-date and meets all EHR meaningful use standards.

NueMD EHR software is web-based and HIPAA compliant. Addressing the necessities of any clinical practice can be altered. It encourages interoperability and effective communication. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized practices, allowing them to easily and securely manage their records. NueMD EMR software also includes appointment management and billing software.

It provides customized services for more than 100 medical specialities. It allows doctors to enter records from multiple departments, and it manages patient records in one place. It allows you to create workflows and templates that can be used for patient encounters. You can create and capture clinical charts. They can also file claims. The software can generate prescriptions based on the charts. The software allows providers to provide patients with their preferred medications and local pharmacies.

Billing solution

Its billing system offers integrated solutions for tracking and capturing information about insurance claims. It can send claims to multiple recipients at once. Flexible billing options are available with flexible payment terms, as well as exclusive plans that permit flexibility and recoupment for unpaid claims.

NueMD billing software is easy to use. It allows medical offices to process more claims and get more payments. It can also be used to negotiate contracts or credentials. These features enable users to quickly and accurately bill patients, which allows them more time to provide patient care.

NueMD is the best electronic health record software solution. With its robust encounter recording, users can tailor the software to their practice’s workflows or patient preferences. You can also import or modify speciality templates. The software allows users to input information through a tree structure, notes, and clinical information.

UroChart EMR Software

UroChart is a software program that allows urologists to manage their practices. It can revolutionize the way they do business. It’s a great solution for managing urology practices. UroChart reviews give valuable information to physicians about the software’s strengths as well as its weaknesses. Download a demo to get an overview of the software’s capabilities and features.

Top UroChart EHR Software Features

Patient Portal

UroChart allows you to view patient information via portal software. It is an EHR specifically designed for urologists. It can be used by multiple users and has an intuitive user interface that allows you to take notes or scan documents. The patient portal allows you to share important documents with patients. This will make urology more fun and easier for patients.

Patients can view their clinical notes and past appointments. They can also access repeat prescriptions, questionnaires, appointments, and scheduled appointments. This portal allows physicians and patients to communicate in real time, saving time and reducing no-shows.

Automated clinical tasks

UroChart is a cloud-based electronic medical records system that connects urologists to their patients. It is easy to use for patients and offers helpful features such as flowcharts, which help you organize your workflow. It allows for a quick exchange of information between patient and doctor through customizable templates and formats. It supports medical billing and offers a multi-user interface. It’s easy to use and can easily be customized to suit your practice’s specific needs.

With the powerful clinical features of UroChart, urologists can better balance administrative and clinical tasks. Using custom templates in the medical records of urologists allows them to create more effective treatment plans. UroChart EHR software can be integrated with many faculties such as medical billing and appointment scheduling.

Integrated with CubixxTMMD inventory control system

CubixxTM, an inventory system that makes inventory management easier and allows physicians to manage multiple locations, integrates with Urocharts EHR Software. It streamlines workflows, tracks patient dispensing and eliminates waste. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for medical professionals of all levels.

Urocharts EHR connects doctors and patients. Medical practices can organize their workflows using the customizable interface. This facilitates communication between doctors and patients. It is HIPAA compliant and allows users to customize patient records. Other features of the UroChart EMR are available to enhance patient care. It is cloud-based,

HIPAA compliant and can also be customized.

The software includes a wireless barcode scanner that allows users to quickly capture product details. It alerts users when inventory is low or critical.

350 urology diagnosis templates

Urocharts software simplifies the process of charting and diagnosing in urology clinics. It offers 350 different urology diagnose templates and customizable patient handouts. Remote diagnosis is possible and communication can be done securely online. This software allows urologists worldwide to diagnose patients.

UroChart EHR was created for urology practices and is not like other EHRs. UroChart EHR was designed to fit the workflow of urologists. This means that urologists don’t have to spend time searching for content outside the urology field, or creating new content. This increases productivity for both urologists and their staff.

UroChart provides a patient portal as well as an advanced EMR that supports urology practices. Its features include an intuitive and touchscreen-compatible user interface. It features a multi-user secure system with integrated eligibility checks. This software is ONC-ATCB accredited and offers technical support.


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