The 10 most magical places to visit in Puno, Jaipur!


Puno, Jaipur is a region of stunning natural wonders and vibrant cultural traditions, many of which are rooted in Puno’s place as the ancient capital of the Rajput kingdom. The region’s fascinating history and beautiful landscapes make it one of the most magical places to visit in Puno, Jaipur, but there are plenty of other amazing destinations too! Here are the 10 most magical places to visit in Puno Jaipur!

Puno Jaipur

A walk by the pond at sunset

There is nothing quite like a beautiful sunset over a large body of water. Just take it all in and appreciate how nice life can be when you have time off. Most cities have such areas that bring peacefulness as well as excitement and inspiration into your mind. Go out at night, grab a coffee and sit on a bench while watching cars drive by. It is amazing what you can think of when you just get away from your day-to-day routine once in a while.

A day trip to Lake Pani

Lake Pani is perhaps one of the most stunning natural wonders in all of India. The mineral-rich water isn’t just good for relaxing your muscles—it also has beneficial healing properties. Naturally, a day trip to Lake Pani is something you don’t want to miss while visiting Puno. Plan your trip here.

An excursion to Ram Niwas Garden

Exploring an enchanting urban park just an hour from New Delhi, Ram Niwas Garden is a beautiful escape from city life. It’s one of our favourite places for a breath of fresh air and exploration. The garden spans more than 1.5 acres and has several different sections with plenty of plants native to India. You’ll also find lush trees and several ponds brimming with lotus flowers; it’s truly a unique setting that you can enjoy year-round.

Taking children to Mini India

One of our favourite things about Mini India was that even though it wasn’t too far from Palacio de Gobierno, we didn’t run into any other tourists. I’m not saying that you won’t see any tourists at all (especially as it seems like a popular destination for Peruvians) but we had quite a large chunk of time where it was just our family exploring.

A stroll through Bhangarh Fort and its secret temples

Sprawling over an area of several hectares, Bhangarh Fort was built by Raja Balwant Singh (also known as Rawat Jai Singh) in 1631. The fort derives its name from the Bhangarh tree (botanical name: Cassia auriculata). Some people believe that these trees are ‘Asthi’ and a burning branch thrown at a person’s house can lead to him losing his house or even his life.

Hanging out at Bagore Ki Haveli (Palace)

The Bagore Ki Haveli (Palace) is a traditional haveli that has been converted into a museum. The palace consists of 11 interconnected Havelis each with its own courtyard and mezzanine floor. Some are even said to be haunted. The best part about Bagore Ki Haveli (Palace) is that photography isn’t allowed inside so you can enjoy it all for yourself without having strangers photobombing your experience with selfies.

Going on a boat ride on Fateh Sagar Lake

The Fateh Sagar Lake is a lake located at Fateh Sagar Island in the Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its calm, crystal clear waters are a favourite of boating enthusiasts and picnickers alike. Visitors can take their boats out for a spin on the lake which comes alive with serene music during sunset hours. A walk on its shores is also highly recommended where visitors can explore fascinating sights along its picturesque shores.

Strolling around Nahargarh Fort’s exotic balconies

Located on top of a hill overlooking Lake Pichola, Nahargarh Fort was established by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The fortress features many fascinating features—including a beautiful pond known as Moti Talav (or Pearl Pond). A variety of birds and turtles can be seen at Moti Talav, and it is considered to be one of Puno’s most exotic sites.

Watching the sunset over Aravali Hills from Amber Fort

Located just outside of Jaipur, Amber Fort is not only an architectural marvel but it offers 360-degree views of Aravali Hills. One must visit at sunset and admire its majestic beauty when twilight magically paints these hills a golden orange color. On top of all that, you’ll get to relish some mouth-watering delicacies right after you take in the magnificence of nature. Book your tickets now and avail yourself of great discounts on them too!

Exploring Neemrana Palace & Resorts for an indulgent experience

Neemrana Palace & Resorts is a popular choice for travellers looking for more of an indulgent experience with scenic drives and eye-catching architecture. With multiple restaurants, a spa and even water sports like kayaking, swimming and snorkelling on hand, Neemrana Palace & Resorts is a great place to get together with family or friends. Alternatively, if you’re visiting solo be sure to check out one of their interesting cultural tours available here!


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