Manali to Lahaul Spiti via Atal Tunnel



Lahaul along with Spiti district is my favorite district located in Himachal Pradesh or North India. Although they are part of one district, Lahaul and Spiti are extremely different. inter among them, are their landscapes, topography and cultural aspects. However, the most significant factor that has kept them apart throughout the years is that Lahaul is separated from the mainland of India for over half the year. Streets are shut down because of the weighty snowfall.

Manali to Lahaul Spiti via Atal Tunnel

Rohtang Pass which links Lahaul to the Kullu district, and Kunzum Pass which connects Lahaul and Spiti together, are both closed from October through April. But since the opening of the long-awaited Rohtang Tunnel, there has been substantial improvement in the lives of people living in Lahaul due to which the distance between Manali towards Lahaul Spiti is now more accessible via the Atal Tunnel.

The development of the Atal Tunnel began in 2009, it was completed in the latter half of 2019 and then inaugurated and opened to the people at the beginning of 2020. The construction of the Atal Tunnel is not just helped the residents from Lahaul in traveling to Manali. further during winter but also has made the tourism of Lahaul more accessible. To provide an understanding of the recent rise in tourism in the area, I visited Lahaul the previous year in September 2019 using the Rohtang Pass.

In fact, I was just one of three visitors to Sisu, one of the first towns to be found in Lahaul. When I was in Lahaul in October 2020, Sisu was full of tourists for a day trip from Manali to Lahaul-Spiti using Atal Tunnel. During my last trip to Manali in November, I realized that the best method to organize the Atal Tunnel trip from Manali is to stay overnight in Lahaul Valley. The northern entrance to Atal Tunnel. The northern portal of the Atal Tunnel opens into the city of Sisu located in the Lahaul Valley, which is a totally different region that is part of Himachal Pradesh than Manali or the Kullu Valley. When you are in the Lahaul Valley, even if it’s only for a night, you will notice an additional dimension to the scenery.


Another aspect that Rohtang Pass (treacherous high-altitude pass, bypassed by the Atal Tunnel)Brings visitors to a totally different Himalayan range, the mighty Dhauladhar.You probably have heard of locals in the Pir-Panjal area with their backs to Dhauladhar in a distance that is covered with snow,”We enjoy a wonderful glimpse of the Himalayas here”.They are distinct due to their distinctive dark granite formations that form extremely steep rises with snow on the tops of their peaks at the summit and create abrupt lines that are covered with snow. The Dhauladhar peaks are covered by snow throughout the time of the year.


After you have left the northern end of the tunnel and entered the Lahaul Valley, the first city before you is Sissu. In my own words, Sisu is “a quaint Buddhist town located on the banks of the Moon River with an underground waterfall (Sissu Waterfall) that is a popular attraction for visitors during the season. tourists.”Sisu is a great destination for tourists travelling between Manali through Lahaul Valley via Atal Tunnel Yatra. I would also suggest that you make a reservation in advance to ensure the duration of your time in Sisu. There are just a handful of hotels there. And due to the growing number of tourists who have visited the tunnel since its opening, it is not always easy to find accommodation in Sissu is an issue. challenge. For most travelers, going through the Atal Tunnel in Manali is among the top things to do, and some might even choose to stay.


We recommend that you stay here “Footloose home” is a luxury hotel that features hardwood floors, and is equipped with modern luxuries. From the hot shower to a comfortable bed, and even the intercom (for room service). Footloose Home is situated in the middle of Sisu,i.e., exactly 7 km away from the northern gateway that is the Atal Tunnel. So yes, it’s a great idea to stay in the Footloose Home in Sisu for two days and one night of travel from Manali to the Atal Tunnel.

From Sisu, the next big city is Keylong, which is about a 30 km or 75-minute drive away. During summer when driving conditions are not too harsh, So it makes sense to drive all the way to Keylong. However, during winters, I suggest you drive only as far as Sisu. It is possible to find some slits on the way to Sisu from the Atal Tunnel North Portal, forget Keylong. On a good day, the road looks like


In contrast to Manali, Sissu is a location for slow-moving travellers. Having said that, if you are such a person. For those looking to explore popular experiences like paragliding, river rafting or shopping on Mall Road, Sisu is not the place for you. But if you are someone who likes to slow down during the holidays then Sisu is the place for you. A few things to do, however, are. Driving to Rohtang Top (via Khoksar Village).A day trip from Sissu to Keylong, the nearby viewpoints, Camping. A 2-day trip would be ideal to explore some of the nearby sights as well as a day trip to Rohtang Pass or Keylong.


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