5 Lipsmacking Chicken Recipes From Indian Cuisine


There is nothing that beats the taste of chicken except the fact that its health benefits go even deeper. Chicken is a globally popular meat item used in different cultures to prepare a wide variety of delicious dishes. While there is no shortage of chicken products and recipes worldwide, the prowess of Indian cuisine with spices in the mix may make halal chicken taste like heaven.

Chicken is so readily available that you can find it in your local market. You can order it online, or even go for packaged chicken products. Packaged/frozen chicken food is often less nutritious than freshly picked or pieced chicken from the storefront.

5 Lipsmacking Chicken Recipes From Indian Cuisine

Health Benefits Associated With Regular Chicken Intake

The idea is that fresh chicken retains most of its nutritious qualities due to its freshness, while the packaged item may require preservatives to increase the product’s shelf life. Some stores and farms have the necessary settings to preserve chicken without spoiling its nutritious qualities, and the packaging might mention the same. So, now that we are debating about the freshness let us first take a long hard look into the goodness of chicken.

  • Chicken contains lean protein that sources amino acids for the body. The amino acid helps build muscle tissues in our body as we age.
  • Tryptophan, a component of amino acid in chicken, induces higher serotonin levels. Serotonin is otherwise known as the feel-good hormone. However, chicken has to be paired with other natural serotonin boosters to see an actual effect.
  • Eating chicken regularly in meals helps in maintaining bone mineral density.
  • The protein content in chicken legs is around 24-26 grams. Protein not only helps in bone and muscle development, but it also makes one feel full. So after a certain quantity of protein intake, people usually do not feel the need to eat for hours. Hence, chicken is considered to be a good tool for weight management.
  • Weight is somehow correlated with heart health. Therefore, consuming the protein in chicken helps lower triglyceride levels and manage heart problems head first.

5 Popular Indian Chicken Recipes

Now that we have discussed the numerous benefits you can acquire from adding chicken to your daily meals, it is time to discuss the recipes of the meals. As we have said before, chicken is a popular item in many dish preparation all over the globe and India has some unique recipes to offer.

While you may have a love for chicken drumsticks but these Indian recipes are going to give your favorite dish quite the tough competition in terms of taste. So, without wasting any more time, let us dive into five different chicken recipes from India that will leave your taste buds craving for more.

Butter Chicken

The purity of Punjab can be found in their foods, especially butter, milk, and chicken. Butter chicken is a popular Punjabi dish, where you will be required to marinate the chicken overnight. First, the chicken is roasted, and then the cooking process commences by adding tomato puree and cream to the mix. The dish’s creamy texture goes well with Indian chapattis, rotis, parathas, and tandoori naans.

Tandoori Chicken

Popular as a South Asian dish, tandoori chicken (grilled chicken) has crossed borders with pride. This dish was originated in Punjab but popularized in Delhi, all before the partition. A special tandoori masala is prepared, and the fresh chicken is marinated with the masala and some dahi (yogurt) and stacked on skewers. These skewers are placed in a tandoor oven that adds the smell and flavor of wood and charcoal.

Chicken Korma

Hailing from the Mughal times, chicken korma is a popular dish with chicken and some vegetables. For preparing the dish, the meat and vegetables are cooked in ghee on a high flame. Then the process is slowed a bit by lowering the temperature. Additional spices that bring out the Mughal taste are added later to the mix.

Sheekh Kebab

Even though you prefer chicken legs, you simply cannot deny the goodness of Sheekh kebab. In short, kebabs have a soft juicy feeling, which is not readily found in solid pieces. These pieces are stacked on a stick or Sheekh and put away for grilling.

Dahi Chicken

Yet another creamy chicken recipe that uses dahi to bring a tangy taste. Apart from dahi, other spices, cumin powder, turmeric powder, and garam masala are added during marination. While cooking, some preferred veggies can also be added.


Even though chicken is a readily available item, a lot goes into the preparation that makes it taste so good. Whether you buy chicken online or from the market, you need to be creative about the recipe, and you can have the best meal for yourself.


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