How do You Make a Virtual Birthday Party Fun?


Birthdays are always one of the most favorite times of the year for almost all of us. It is a day filled with fun and enjoyment, together with our famous people. The pleasure of a birthday party celebration lies not just in the day itself but also in the many days before the event when you spend your time planning everything.

How do you make a virtual birthday party fun

Ever since the global pandemic massacred the entire world, we have witnessed a swift transition from the offline to the online world. As almost everything gets nicely accommodated in the online or virtual platform, so does the idea of hosting private parties or events.

Did you know that throwing a virtual birthday party at the Breakout escape room can be fun and exciting? By hosting a virtual birthday party celebration, you can bring together people worldwide to meet and interact with each other on a shared platform. Furthermore, with advanced technology, you can now easily plan and host your virtual birthday party.

This article has compiled a detailed guideline to offer a few helpful tips and tricks to make your virtual birthday party fun and exciting. So, check it out now:

1. Plan and book a virtual escape room game for your virtual birthday celebration!

Nowadays, escape rooms have become quite trendy. What’s most exciting is that you can now bring the fun and thrill of escape room games into the comfort of your home through virtual escape rooms! You can book an online escape room game to turn your virtual birthday party up a notch.

Make a reservation for the required time and date in any available escape room game near you for your virtual party. Escape rooms are fascinating and unique ways of hosting a virtual birthday celebration. The games will even offer your guests enough space and room to spend some quality time together with each other as they race against the clock in the game!

2. Make sure to keep the party vibe alive at all times!

Be it a virtual birthday party or even an offline celebration; no party is complete without some music. Playing some of the most loved melodies can make your online birthday celebration a memorable experience for your guests, whether soft or hard rock music.

Many popular online video conferencing platforms include options like “Share Screen.” You, as the host, can select this option on your screen and share some beautiful musical tunes with your guests! This way, you can easily make your virtual birthday party celebration even more lively!

Nudge your guests to put on their cameras and groove with the beats of the music. By doing so, you can break away from the barrier of virtual mode and have fun at your birthday party as you would usually do at an offline birthday party!

3. Go for a Movie streaming night with your guests!

Yet another fantastic way to make your virtual birthday party fun and exciting is by hosting a movie marathon online. Especially if the birthday boy or girl is an avid movie lover, hosting a movie marathon session is the perfect way to spend the time!

You can download some of your all-time favorite movies on your device and use the “share screen” option to enjoy watching the film with your guests. Adding comments through video conferencing shall further add to the shared experience of watching the movie! You can ask your guests to grab some popcorn and coke while they have fun watching the film together with you!

4. Plan a spooky storytelling night for the party!

Gather around your friends for an exciting horror storytelling night to commemorate your birthday! Incorporating a special horror storytelling session into your virtual birthday party can make it exceptionally unique and exciting for your guests. For horror lovers, hosting a spooky storytelling session on the night of the virtual birthday party can be the perfect way to spend the time.

Before you initiate the horror storytelling session, ask your guests to close their curtains or blinds to turn off or dim their lights to create the ideal ambiance. Make sure all your guests come prepared with at least one or more horror-themed stories to tell during the spooky storytelling session.

After that, during the event, you can ask your guests to take turns narrating a spooky, spine-chilling story of their choice! The rest of your guests can sit back or crawl into one corner of their room as they listen to the bizarre tale!

5. Have your virtual masquerade party!

A unique way to host your birthday party this year can be having a virtual masquerade! Ask all your guests to make their DIY masks before the particular date and ask them to come to the virtual birthday celebration wearing them.

You can even keep a few ice-breakers if you feel these masks won’t be enough to spark the first conversation at your party! This way, you can add a unique twist to your virtual birthday party celebration.

6. Doing a virtual karaoke session

Did you know that you can host a virtual karaoke session? For people who love music and like to sing, hosting a virtual karaoke session to spice things up at the virtual birthday party can be a great idea. You can now use the Zoom video conferencing platform to host your virtual karaoke session during your party.

You must search your favorite songs on YouTube in the following format – [song title] karaoke. Once you find it, click on the desired link, reduce the volume, and share your screen. Now, you can enjoy the fun of karaoke sessions in this way on your virtual events seamlessly!


These are six exciting ways to make your virtual birthday party fun and exciting for your guests. So, go ahead and try out these ideas and turn your party up a notch!


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