Who Is Jenni Rivera?


So you’ve heard about the Mexican banda singer. You may be wondering who Jenni Rivera is. But did you know that she was also a philanthropist and advocate for LGBT immigrants? If so, read on to learn more about the talented singer. You’ll be glad you did! We’ll also talk about her famous “Love Foundation” and how she helped LGBT immigrants.

Jenni Rivera was a Mexican banda singer

Aside from her career as a banda singer, Jenni Rivera is also a television personality and an entrepreneur. She has appeared on several TV shows, has had several albums chart on the Billboard Top Latin Albums, and recently signed a deal with ABC to star in a sitcom called “Jenni.” She has also hosted a syndicated radio show and has launched clothing lines and cosmetics lines. She has also appeared in a few television shows and launched a foundation for victims of domestic violence.

Who Is Jenni Rivera

Despite her success with Mexican banda music, Rivera was initially rejected by record labels for bookings in Los Angeles. She was refused bookings at Banda music venues in California in the early 1990s, but in 2005 she signed with EMI Latin and began recording for that label. She also signed with Sony’s Latin division. After recording a few albums for the label, Rivera released two more albums, and by the end of the decade, she had established a successful international career.

She founded the Jenni Rivera Love Foundation

After losing her mother in a car crash in 2012, Rivera decided to start the nonprofit Jenni’s Love Foundation, which will help single moms in need. Rivera felt it was important to give back to her community and help women in her situation. She also said that she found joy in helping others. Now, her Love Foundation continues to help women. Her second daughter, Jacqie Campos, has also helped to establish the foundation.

The foundation, led by Rivera’s daughter Jacqie, is dedicated to empowering single mothers to overcome poverty and abuse. Through major events, testimonies and social media, the foundation is reaching out to people to help them improve their quality of life.

Jenni Rivera Husband Trino Marin

In 2007, Trino Marin, Jenni Rivera’s first husband, was convicted of sexually abusing his wife and two daughters. Jenni’s younger sister came forward to report the abuse and she filed a complaint with the police. Although Trino eventually escaped, Jenni made sure that justice was served. Despite his conviction, he is still in prison. As a result, Jenni has been searching for the truth about her husband and daughter.

She was an advocate for LGBT immigrants

Despite her fame as a singer, Rivera is a public figure who was also an activist. Her advocacy included the rights of victims of domestic abuse. She divorced her husband and married the child’s father, who was later convicted of raping her sister-in-law. As a result of this incident, Rivera had to take time off from work to support her daughter’s father and her cause.

Known as “Jenni,” Rivera was a role model for Latinas, immigrants, and women everywhere. She was committed to ending domestic violence, and her songs became anthems for many women. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) gave her voice to help thousands of victims. Her advocacy was recognized by the Los Angeles City Council, which was named August 6th Jenni Rivera Day.

She was a philanthropist

After achieving success in her career as an actress and singer, Jenni Rivera decided to become involved in social work. She was a victim of domestic violence and had to start working for herself and her children. Eventually, she decided to make a difference and founded the “The Love Foundation” to support women who were victims of domestic violence. Jenni was a true philanthropist and donated money and time to shelters and women who needed help.

The foundation holds an annual fundraiser and tribute concert called Jenni Vive, which honors Rivera’s memory. The first concert, held on December 9, 2013, took place in Monterrey and featured Rivera’s family, Tito El Bambino, Diana Reyes, and La Original Banda Limon. In July 2015, the foundation hosted another event at a beach in Long Beach, California.


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