Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Fashion Jewelry Photography


Fashion Jewelry Photography is a specialized branch of photography that focuses on making fashion jewelry appear alluring to potential customers and users. It requires a unique set of skills and knowledge to understand how to photograph different jewelry pieces and how they appear in different lighting conditions.

Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Fashion Jewelry Photography

There is a vast market for high-end luxury products like jewelry. To adequately advertise and market these products, you must photograph them, as images are how a customer first interacts with your products on an E-commerce site. It is always possible to enhance your jewelry photos using jewelry photo retouching at post-processing. However, taking high-quality, compelling jewelry photos is always the first step. Thus, it is where fashion jewelry photography comes into play.

Gear to Use for Fashion Jewelry Photography

When considering taking jewelry fashion photography, the first step is to ready the gear you will need for your photography session. Here is a list of the gear you can consider for your jewelry photos:


Any camera that is adequate for product photography will do the job for your jewelry photography. Because your subject is a still object, you will not need to push the camera’s limits to get the perfect shot.


You want to have a clear jewelry photo that highlights the fine details in your jewelry. If your images appear blurry, they will be unappealing to its viewer. The ultimate goal of high fashion jewelry photography is to produce quality images to entice customers to buy the product. So, a tripod is necessary to avoid shaky hands while handling the camera.

Lighting Setup

The lighting condition ultimately decides how your product appears in the photos. Your jewelry will interact differently with different lighting conditions. Which lighting situation best suits your need will be the one you need to use. You can use natural lighting, or you can use artificial lighting.

You can consider either a ring light or a softbox for artificial lighting. A ring light can be helpful if you take close-up images of the product, as it helps illuminate the jewelry’s edges. In comparison, a softbox gives an even lighting condition.

White Background

Regarding product photography for an E-commerce site, the usual go-to background is generally white. A white background makes the product stand out, and details can be more visible to the viewer.

You can use a white backdrop or place it on a white paper sweep to get the jewelry on the white background.

Top 5 Tips for Fashion Jewelry Photography

Clean Your Jewelry

When you start your jewelry fashion photography, clean your jewelry using a microfibre cloth and wear gloves. It is to eliminate any marks or smudges, or fingerprints that appear on them.

When displaying your product for marketing and advertising purposes on an E-commerce site, they must appear flawless to your potential customers.

Keep the Background Simple

For most E-commerce sites, it is a requirement not to put other objects in the background. When you have a distracting background, it will divert the customer’s attention. The focus of the photo should always be the jewelry, so you must keep the background simple. A white background is always preferable when taking jewelry photographs for eCommerce sites.

Manage the Reflections

Reflections are always something you must consider when taking jewelry photos, as these products have a shiny finish. So using the appropriate lighting setup for your jewelry images is crucial, as reflections can diminish some of the details on the jewelry.

Minimizing as many reflections as possible during the photographing process would be best. You can handle the rest using jewelry photo retouching and jewelry photo editing during post-processing.

Use Fewer Props

As previously mentioned, you must use a simple background to avoid distractions. It is also true about using props in the photos. It is always the best practice to use fewer props to avoid distractions and maintain the customer’s focus on the jewelry.

Take Different Angles

Showcasing the jewelry from different angles is another way to capture your potential customer’s attention. It is because when viewed from different angles, the customer will get a better idea about the entire product and can make an informed decision about whether to purchase.

Conclusion [Fashion Jewelry Photography]

When it comes to Jewelry Fashion Photography, following these simple tips will take you a long way toward being a successful seller on e-commerce sites.

After the high fashion jewelry photography process, consider using a jewelry photo retouching service to do all your post-processing work. You can even consider using an eCommerce image editing service if your entire focus is on eCommerce sites like Amazon.


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