The Ultimate Guide to Using The Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit


Table of Contents:

  • What are the commonly used methods for cleaning and maintaining cast iron cookware?
  1. Seasoning before first-time use
  2. Washing
  3. Drying
  4. Oiling
  • What is inside the Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit?
  1. Seasoning Spray
  2. Pan Scraper
  3. Silicone Handle Holder
  4. Scrub Brush
  • What are the advantages of using the Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit?
  1. Cleaning up the burnt sticky mess
  2. More uses of the seasoning spray
  3. Using the scraper for kitchenware
  4. Gentle cleaning with the scrub brush

Cast iron cookware is the traditional cooking gear that has been used for centuries. They are known for many benefits like naturally adding iron to your diet, toughness, versatility in cooking almost anything, natural nonstick finish minus the harmful chemicals in nonstick coated cookware, and making food tasty. Today’s cast iron cookware comes with significant advancements but proper care and maintenance for them have always been a commonly asked question. The Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit has been specifically devised for this purpose to make cleaning and maintenance of cast iron cookware easy.

The Ultimate Guide to Using The Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit

What are the commonly used methods for cleaning and maintaining cast iron cookware?

There are some common steps followed for routine care of cast iron cookware. However, the Lodge Cleaning Kit makes it easier. Before we delve into how to use the Lodge’s Kit, let’s take a look at the commonly used steps for cast iron cookware cleaning and maintenance.

  • Seasoning before first-time use: Today most cast iron cookware comes seasoned and is essentially ready to be used right out of the box. Otherwise, it’s a traditional practice to season the cookware before first-time use. This is done by spreading a thin layer of cooking oil on the cooking surface and heating it in the oven at a high temperature. This makes it ready for cooking.
  • Washing: After each cooking session, the used cookware needs to be washed under running water with a scrub. Too much soap can affect the finish of the cookware and using it is not recommended unless you have extremely tough stains that are difficult to remove. However, a little bit of soap while cleaning the cookware is absolutely fine.
  • Drying: Use a lint-free soft fabric for absorbing moisture. This will ensure the cookware doesn’t get damaged. It’s normal to get some black residue on the drying cloth during this process.
  • Oiling: This is like seasoning the cookware for next time use. After drying use a thin film of cooking oil on the cookware.

What is inside the Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit?

For every cast iron cookware owner, this kit makes it easy in cleaning and maintain the cast iron. It helps in rust prevention, involves a low-effort cleaning process, and provides seasoning protection. Following are the contents of the Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit:

  • Seasoning Spray: This 6 oz. seasoning spray is made from 100% pure Canola oil. It replenishes your cookware after every use. The spraying bottleneck is adjustable and can be used at different angles according to convenience. The spray oil is protected from air and light with the internal pouch sealed inside the aluminum bottle. The oil is free from additives. It is fresh and propellant-free while spraying. The container is made from recyclable aluminum.
  • Pan Scraper: The pan scraper in the Lodge Cleaning Kit is made from polycarbonate. It is angled to get into the nooks and corners of the cookware for effective cleaning. It protects the enameled cast iron cookware. It is rigid and cleans without food particles sticking to it.
  • Silicone Handle Holder: This handle holder is made from silicone and can withstand up to 450 degrees of temperature. It can be slid onto handles of hot pans and pots for safely handling them while cooking. It gives a comfortable grip. It can be used for pans from 9 inches in diameter to up to traditional keyhole skillets.
  • Scrub Brush: This is a plastic head brush with coarse nylon bristles. It has multiple uses with the main one being removing build-up on the cast iron surface and preserving the finish. It has an ergonomic grip for easy cleaning.

What are the advantages of using the Lodge Cast Iron Care and Cleaning Kit?

  • Cleaning up burnt sticky mess: A burnt sticky patch can prove to be very tough to remove. The pan scraper and the scrubbing brush in the kit come very handy in this case. The scraper’s curved angular edges enable it to be used for removing sticky patches from pans, pots, and ridges of a grilling pan. It’s a one-tool-fit-all case for cleaning tough stains or buildup. The brush has tough nylon bristles for removing stubborn burnt patches and stains.
  • More uses of the seasoning spray: The spray preserves and enhances the surfaces of your kitchenware and even stoneware found in your kitchen. The Canola oil in the spray has a high smoking point and can be used for searing steaks and enhancing taste. The nozzle of the spray helps in even spraying the oil on surfaces.
  • Using the scraper for kitchenware: A scraper is an excellent tool for maintaining your cast iron cookware. It can also be used for cleaning the sink, stoneware, and other kitchenware. It is adaptable for versatile cleaning purposes.
  • Gentle cleaning with the scrub brush: The scrub brush will remove the toughest of burnt sticky messes yet it won’t damage the surface of the cookware. It will not wear out the cookware’s finish or harm the coating. It can also be used for cleaning enameled cast iron ovens and other kitchenware with great results.

The Lodge Cleaning Kit also includes a care guidebook for instructions. It is a complete kit with all the tools you’d need for keeping your cast iron cookware well maintained and protected. Say goodbye to buildup materials and burnt patches sticking to your iron skillets and pots. This kit gives a full solution to cleaning, maintaining, and protecting cast iron cookware.


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