Zelda Wii U Without Barriers, The Definitive Open World?


Nintendo in an interview, not so recent, tells us almost as if nothing happened that the new Zelda will be the fastest and most extensive of the saga and that it will not have the invisible barriers that limit the Sandbox… Will it be the definitive open world?

When I was asked to write this article I thought it would be easy, my experience in open-world video games was limited to theory, Zelda breath of the wild wii u key cemu 1, GTA 3, Batman, and thousands of comments from players in forums. When I realized that in itself, my vision of the subject was somewhat limited, it was at the moment that I began to investigate.

Zelda Wii U Without Barriers

The first sandbox games

Open world games were not born in the era of 3D and polygons, no sir, they go much further back with consoles like NES, Commodore 64, Atari2600 with games like Z Elda 1, New York City or Adventure respectively, these appointments of consoles and games are some of many options.

Therefore, for GTA to be a pioneer is a huge mistake in video game history, although obviously, the guys at Rockstar Games have all the credit for having taken the 3D genre to unsuspected limits. Of that no doubt.

Sandbox or the open world?

But before getting into Zeldarian stuff, we must define and differentiate between what is a sandbox and an Open World game. The first is an exploration-based game, where the player has complete freedom of action to decide what to do and where to go. While the second gives you a world to explore but with objectives and history already prepared, examples: for Sandbox, Minecraft; and Open World GTA.

Therefore, Zelda for Wii U follows the same line as Zelda I (obviously, Aonuma himself said it at the Digital Event ) an open world with the freedom to explore but with a plot line to follow, if you decide to do it because they will always be there. Side quests are available to entertain yourself and get lost a bit among so many battles for the Triforce.RISING

From Zelda 1 to Zelda Wii U

Let’s do a memory exercise and travel to the past. The NES Zelda I began with a screen to the south of the map, in front of a cave that you had to enter and in it a wise man who gave you your first sword, from then on everything was your decision. There the dungeons and places to visit began since everything was available, but the limitations were your life indicator and the enemies since in the most dangerous areas the enemies could kill you with a single blow. In this way, it became imperative to get more hearts.

Which we know was done by advancing in the dungeons and getting those items that allowed you to enter certain areas that you couldn’t before on your own, in short, an open world with very few side quests.

Now what Nintendo intends is to go further with wii u title keys, do you see that mountain? Do you want to go to it? Well, go. That is the premise that the Aonuma team drives for the new Zelda by removing those invisible or magical barriers within the context of the story to limit you, either because of hardware problems or because there was nothing more to add. Those barriers, although very distant, limited this new world, an example in Zelda is the sea of ​​Wind Waker, when you reached the limit of the map they did not let you travel further and you had to return yes or yes.

Therefore, what Nintendo proposes in this new Zelda for Wii U scheduled for next 2015 is not something minor. It is very interesting to imagine how they could carry it out, a circular map like in Chrono Trigger is not a far-fetched idea map would be much more extensive than that of the great jewel of SNES ) but, who knows?, we will only have to wait for Nintendo to reveal the most anticipated surprise for this 2015.

We will have to wait until 2015. What do you think of the idea?


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