Tufac Warns Critics Not to Meddle in Someone Else’s Life


Innocent ‘Tuface’ Idibia, popularly known as 2Baba, has warned his critics not to meddle in his personal life. The singer and songwriter has also recently been at the center of a marital infidelity scandal. His wife, Annie, had reportedly caused a ruckus among family members over Pero Adeniyi’s alleged infidelity. While Tuface denied involving Pero Adeniyi, Annie Idibia’s statement is reportedly still making rounds.

Tufac Warns Critics Not to Meddle in Someone Else's Life

Tufac warns critics not to meddle in personal affairs

Whether you’re a fan or a critic, it’s better to stay out of someone’s personal affairs than meddle in theirs. Nevertheless, it’s hard to avoid interfering in someone’s life. This is why Tufac Warns Critics not to meddle in someone else’s. Here’s what you need to know.

“Exception” means “ransacking,” while “ftul’fojjjten” is a synonym for “resting” or ‘effecting.’ “Tug’rniien” is slang for pig, and ‘t’tehl’ is a synonym for ‘weight’ or ‘heaviness.’
“Meddling” is another no-no. As the author of a book of poetry, Tufac warned critics not to meddle in a person’s affairs. A poet, a critic, or a friend who tries to get into someone else’s business will be punished for it. Often, this’mistake’ will cause them to become indignant, but it can be detrimental to the relationship.

2Baba warns critics to mind their business

Innocent Idibia, better known as Tuface, has come under fire after critics dragged his wife Annie Idibia. Tuface Idibia has been facing heavy criticism after her unfollowing him on Instagram. The singer shared cryptic messages about the scandal and said the unfollowing was an Instagram glitch. However, the singer has since apologized for the incident and has warned critics to “mind their business.”

In response, Annie Idibia, 2Face Idibia’s baby mama Pero Adeenyi, has warned her critics to “mind their business” and not meddle in other people’s affairs. Annie did not name names in her Instagram story, but said she chose to be happy. She further said critics who had complained about her friends had failed to mind their business and should mind their own business.

Annie Idibia warns critics to mind their business

Nigerian singer Annie Idibia has warned her critics to mind their business after a social media spat erupted last year. The singer accused her husband of having two babies while abroad. She later apologized and warned critics to mind their own business. But one fan took her to task for her remarks, calling her a hypocrite who should not interfere in other people’s lives.

After several reports claiming that Annie Idibia was unfollowing 2baba on Instagram, the singer responded with cryptic messages. She also warned her critics to mind their own business after sharing cryptic posts about her family. She called out the critics for spreading false news and warned them to “mind their own business.”


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