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Tucked up in an invisible blanket of green nature, Spiti is a heavenly gateway for those looking for solitude in the bliss of nature. Spiti valley tour attracts millions of people every year to its eye-catching beauty, scenery and welcoming environment. Spiti is bordered on the north by Ladakh, on the east by Tibet, Kinnaur is to the south, and the Kullu valley is to the north.

Spiti Valley-

The middle land between the meadows and lush green valleys and the cold mountain deserts of the Himalayas. A Spiti Valley Trip is a threat to travellers eyes, thanks to the mind-blowing roadways and homely landscapes. While most parts of India undergo heavy-landed high temperatures, the beauty of Spiti shines like gold under the sun during peak summer months. The perfect time to visit Spiti is in June-September when the glacial lakes will make you feel welcomed in all their glory.

Spiti Valley Tour Packages

Wherever you go there, you’ll look at the beautiful Buddhist monasteries, prayer flags breezing in the air and a large number of monks praying with their prayer wheels. You can also have a look at the fascinating glimpses of Dhadkan and Chandratal lake here. The Kunzum and Barchala Pass will further take you to the top of the world with its high altitude.

Long winding roads and valleys that present noteworthy glimpses of cold desert and snow-crowned mountains welcome you when you first set foot into Spiti Valley. Spread on all sides by the Himalayas, Spiti gets just around 250 days of sunshine in the year, making it one of the coldest and chilling places in the country. With the broad Himalayan snow cutting Spiti off from the rest of the country for almost 6 months a year, the summer months are the only time left in Spiti is directly accessible via motorway.

Spiti is called the cold desert valley and hence it experiences extremely cold temperatures during all possible seasons. But surely summer is definitely a bit more pleasant than any other season because the temperature gradually rises up to 0-15 degrees Celsius during Summer. Winters in Spiti are very spine-chilling and people avoid visiting this wonderful destination because of the cold during this season. Monsoon too is filled with heavy rainfall and landslides and hence the people also avoid visiting Spiti during monsoon season too.

It takes a certain amount of craziness to do this. Spiti Valley is a very cold desert mountain valley located high up in the Himalayas which is full of barren hills, bare mountainsides, rough terrain, and more like a dry desert.


There are mainly two routes to the stunning and beautiful Spiti Valley.

  • One by Manali and the other by Shimla. This particular journey is the Shimla route – and it is called the Hindustan – Tibet Highway. “World’s most adventurous and challenging road”, this highway is a beautiful, exquisite and scenic 2-day drive that takes you through the green valley of Kinnaur into the brown and white Spiti Valley.
  • The Manali trails open from June end.

Other than the skies and the white-blue yonder, there stands another blue marvel on your Trip to Spiti- The Chandratal Lake! Take all the time you can to absorb peace at this splendid glacial lake and click some polaroid perfect shots here. The World’s highest post office is also situated here so why not send a letter to your loved ones.
Pretty special right!

High altitude Himalayan mountains surround the whole region. The Kunzum Pass cuts off Lahaul and Spiti at the altitude of 15,059 feet above sea level, which makes it amazing and eye-popping. Here the most famous religion is Buddhism which is similar to Buddhism followed in Ladakh and Tibet.

During winter, Spiti remains cut off from the rest of the world for eight months due to heavy snowfall, cold weather and harsh climatic conditions. This area sometimes experiences snowstorms and especially from November to June, but due to the efforts of the Border Road Organisation, roads were restored. There are many attractive places to visit in Spiti where some of which are placed, and some of them are monasteries.

The best places to visit in Spiti are:-

  • Kalpa
  • Kaza
  • Sangla
  • Rakcham
  • Chitkul
  • Nako
  • Tabo
  • Gue Monastery
  • Key Monastery
  • Pin Valley
  • Dhankar
  • Hikkim
  • Komik
  • Langza

Here is some of the information about the Spiti valley tour:-

  • Starting point:- Chandigarh
  • Ending Point:- Chandigarh
  • Tour Location:- Spiti Valley
  • Tour Type: Road Trip
  • Highest Altitude: 4,600 m
  • Total distance covered: 1000+ km (approx)
  • Duration: 8 Nights/ 9 Days

So now that you clearly know what to expect on this voyage to the high altitude desert, bag pack your items and book yourself a slot in our Spiti Road Trip Package for 2022!


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