Rakhi Present to Tease Your Sister


Teasing is a thing, which is very common between a brother and sister because it starts in childhood. Sometimes you may get to feel that a real fight is also happening because of the teasing that fighting is also common or normal. But you know this thing, that most of the time teasing, which person wants to do, that one is none other than the brother. Being a brother you also want to tease your sister on this rakhi.

But you want to tease her in such a way that she gets to feel your teasing for a long time. So for this thing, the best option or thing is going to be the rakhi gift. Because the rakhi gift is a thing, which is the dream of every sister to get from her brother. But you just think, what is the reaction of a sister is going to be if she gets a teasing rakhi gift from her brother? You can get to see the same reaction on your sister’s face, by giving the teasing rakhi gift to her.

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Boxing punch pen

No one is going to think that a pen can punch a person also. But you can make this thing possible, by giving the boxing punch pen to your sister. The boxing punch pen is a thing also, which you can get from the online rakhi store. The boxing punch pen, which you are giving to your sister, is going to punch your sister, whenever you want.

The pen is designed in such a way that it has a button, which is connected to the pen. So whenever you want to punch your sister, what you just need to do is press the button, after that the pen will punch your sister, if she is sitting in the pen zone. Your sister is going to be very surprised when she gets hit by pain for the first or second time. Because no one can imagine that a pen can punch a human.

Funny cat cover

Kitty and cat are some of the animals that your sister or girlfriend likes very much. Because cats are very cute and beautiful, that is the best thing about them, which attracts your sister or girlfriend towards them. But you don’t have to take care of their likes, but what you have to do. You just have to tease your sister, and for this thing, you can buy a funny cat cover, which you can give to your sister on rakhi. The cover which you are giving to your sister, that is for her phone, and funny things on the cover are going to be the design and theme printed on it.

Sorry wooden frame

This is not only your thinking of yours, but if you ask then, you will get to know that, every brother feels the same. That no matter who made the mistake, only one person has to say sorry, that is no other than the brother. Online gift delivery in India is very easy and fast at the same time, and because of that, you don’t have to stress about your sister’s rakhi gift. So on this rakhi, you can give a wooden frame to your sister, and the teasing thing about the wooden frame is that the frame has sorry written over the top of it.

You can give this to your sister and can say this thing to her also, that whenever you feel that it’s my mistake, then you can feel my sorry through it. Your sister is going to be very teasing, because of this sorry wooden frame. She may be feeling this way, that you are not going to say sorry to her anymore. The wooden frame which you are giving has the photo storing space as well.

Poop mug

Everyone knows, this type of stuff is never going to be on the list of things a girl likes, because for a girl nothing can be dirtier and worse than this thing. Because of all these things, the poop mug is going to be that one rakhi gift also, which you can give to your sister to tease her with it. The poop mug has a shape, just like what most poops have, and because of that when you or anyone sees it from far, you feel like it is a real one.

You have seen the names of some of the best things, which you can give to your sister on this rakhi and tease her with it. Your sister is going to get angry with the gift also, but she is going to smile and be happy more than angry.


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