Hampta Pass Trek: A Complete Guide



Hampta pass is an acceptable grade voyage which puts you up from the dense leafy canyon of Kullu to the wasteland canyon of Lahaul. It is one of the vastly popular cruises near Manali and is adored by all trekkers. The route of this voyage puts up with you through a blanket of Oak and Deodar fences

The trail is paid back by the percentage of ordinary glamour, which will put you in awe at every bend and fling of the voyage. The unbroken route of the Hampta Pass trek is splotched with everything you can desire to notice on a cruise.

Hampta Pass Trek

Best Time

July and August are especially important for the Hampta Pass trek. Although species come to all year session, Himalayan backpackers contemplate July and August to be decent because the blossoms and stream nook of mist delightful amount of this stint, and sleet in the Manali Valley here in July and August months is something else we recognize voyaging, this period climate and conditions of the Hampta Pass trek would dress you. Affirmative, it is also an outstanding thing that when we commence the journey from Manali, then after Jobri, Cheeka camp is the sizably gorgeous camp, on das, we have to tour only for 3 Km, after that, a tiny sunshine surge begins from you. On this day, you reside at the Balu ka Gera camp and you will uncover a variety of blossoms which provide joy to the psyche. Months from June to September know somewhat adequate conditions during the day with substantially colder dusks attended by tiny to snow ratifying meeting degree enclosing cliff.

The Trek

You will never deem yourself exhausted in Hampta pass Trek, this trip can provide you nothing but pleasure, You will bring to recognize the lineage and glamour of Himachal, and spiti canyon in this cruise which will constantly protect you affiliated towards the peak.

The Hampta pass trip is not relatively impossible and not susceptible either, this is laborious and after the Hampta pass downhill, this journey comes to a reasonable degree. This trip is a handful of middle-of-the-roader, but if your aptitude is reasonable and you retain it in the sense that I want to tour then you can completely do it. Where benefit is desired, charts will benefit you, you just remember to be robust and eligible for the journey. One characteristic is that all you can accomplish is to give birth to stability and that I am passionate


Hampta pass trek is a comfortable trek if you are taking off with a promising trekking squad which you must remember before securing yourself, It is significant for you to understand the bulge voyaging association with which we are taking off is straight or not.

If it is apparent, voyage with an adequate and Experienced hiking institution, you can do the exact assistance all the period then your excursion can be extremely reasonable and unforgettable. The least interval expected to trek Hampta pass trek is twelve years and absolute fifty-five years. The tread is sure of on your skill

Days Required

The Hampta Pass Trek is a six days trip which comes to be from Manali in Himachal Pradesh. This wonderful trek is enclosed by remarkable cascades, bouquets, and maple woodlands. It’s useful for amateurs as it has enough of the heroic tastes connected to it. So, the Hampta Pass itself pertains to the canopy of Gods named Manali to The Middle Lan” dubbed Spiti valley.

Ahead of one aspect, it’s enclosed by grasses and splendours while another aspect is the bitter stranded delicacy of Spiti. Usually, folks are cranky over from the Hampta Pass and chair towards Chandratal Lake. On the final day, if the streets are clear, then you’ll also reap a likelihood to glimpse the amazing Chandratal lake.

You are not required to bother much about acclimatization for the Hampta Pass Trek. Though, as you will be attaining 14000 paws, it is constantly approved to put up with sleep and go susceptible to celebrate the glamour of this voyage.

How To Reach

Hampta pass trip initiates from the outstanding Manali, which is vulnerable by street. There is an airport in Kullu, which is 60 km from Manali, but relatively limited flights operate. The nicest path to enter Manali is by an overnight bus from Chandigarh or Delhi. The journey time from Delhi to Manali is approximately 12 to 14 hours.


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