Protects and Prevents Perils: CenturyPly Firewall Technology


The main purpose of building a house is to ensure the safety of your family and belongings. Thus it is very important to select every element of the house carefully. Fire outbreaks are quite common in houses, especially in the kitchen area. Designing a safe, strong yet beautiful house is challenging for homeowners.

Protects and Prevents Perils CenturyPly Firewall Technology

Despite smoke detectors and fire alarms sometimes accidents do happen. Furniture is the most prone to fire and acts as fuel and thus increasing the damage. These days plywood is used to construct most of the furniture and cabinets. Most plywoods do catch fire easily and result in excessive damage to property. Thus when fireproofing the house, it is important to ensure that the plywoods are fireproof.

CenturyPly has developed a technology named Firewall technology that provides fire accident prevention and keeps your house and property safe. This technology is installed in the plywood to ensure safety.

Read this blog to know more about Firewall technology and how it can be a safety cover for your house.

What is Firewall Technology?

The plywood equipped with revolutionary firewall technology has the power to fight against fire and save your house from serious damage. The plywood is treated with nanoparticles that have fire-fighting properties in a way that resists the spreading of fire and gives you the time to take actionable steps. Normal plywood will start burning if exposed to high heat while these firewall plywoods are resistant to flames and heat. Also, these plywoods have self-extinguishable power which means that when the fire source has been removed the plywood self-extinguishes the fire.

You can use this plywood in areas that are vulnerable to heat and flames such as laundry areas, kitchens, garages, and workshops as these areas have highly inflammable materials. You can use such plywood in kitchen cabinets and counters, storage spaces in workshops, etc.

Reasons why CenturyPly Firewall Technology the Safer Choice-

Various plywood manufacturers claim that their plywood is fireproof however they are not as effective as they should be in real life. Here are the reasons why plywood infused with firewall technology is a better option:

  • Fire protection to the core: Theplywood infused with firewall technology is not only effective on the surface but also at the core. The nanoparticles are embedded at the core level of the plywood and thus in case of fire outbreaks, there are fewer chances of severe damage.
  • Non-hygroscopic: These plywood infused with firewall technology provide resistance against moisture. This is because the wood grains present inside the plywood do not absorb moisture which helps the furniture retain its shape for longer.
  • The limited fire spread: Plywood infused with firewall technology extends the period of fire spread which ultimately reduces damage. Normally regular plywood sets on fire when it catches flame even for a moment. However, CenturyPly firewall technology is manufactured with nanoparticles that take around 50 minutes to catch fire. Thereby giving enough time for people to take actionable steps.
  • Self extinguishes fire: This plywood infused with firewall technology has a self-extinguishable feature that ensures that when the heat or source is removed the fire stops on its own. Thus the probability of fire spreading reduces to a greater extent.
  • Low smoke emission: Normally when a wood catches fire huge amounts of smoke are released which is harmful to our respiratory system. However, theplywood infused with firewall technology emits the minimum amount of smoke because they contain fire retardant nanoparticles.
  • Borer and termite proof: Apart from being highly resistant to fire, plywood infused with firewall technology also prevents termite and borer damage to the furniture. This is because they are treated with a chemical that repels insects.
  • Virokill technology: These Plywood infused with firewall technology are also equipped with Virokill technology which ensures that the plywood kills 99% of the pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi present in the surrounding when it comes in contact with the plywood. It follows the contact-killing method of killing these pathogens when coming in contact. Thus making it hygienic for the people.
  • Long Warranty: These Plywood infused with firewall technology come with a warranty for a certain period.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: CenturyPlyplywood despite providing these features does not compromise on the aesthetics. This plywood has a smooth finish and thus gives an aesthetic appeal to your furniture.


It is imperative to build a safe home for the family and the first step is to make the interiors fireproof. You will never regret investing in CenturyPlyplywood infused with firewall technology as it will provide overall safety to your property as well as the people living in the house. All the above-mentioned features prove that the plywood infused with firewall technology is the perfect choice for furniture at home and in offices. Thus if you want to give your family safe surroundings then make sure to invest in plywood infused with firewall technology by CenturyPly.


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