Best Himalayan Treks in India


Himalayan treks are one of the widely preferred adventures in India. This is due to the fact that it is located at a vast height and is highly challenging for the climbers. People do course their trek not for the interest of conquering it but for the unique moments offered by this place. The sheer adrenaline rush will be offering a completely new experience to the trekkers. They will be feeling different from everything they have encountered so far.

Himalayan Treks

Trek to Prashar Lake

The Dhauladhar hills surround Prashar, a blue-water lake in Kullu Valley. In Himachal Pradesh’s Mandi district, Prashar Lake is a well-kept secret. The trail leads through a lovely forest with various rivulets. Meanwhile, one might immerse oneself in the local culture. The hike provides views of the Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, and Kinnaur mountain ranges.

Bhrigu Lake Trekking

Base camp at Bhrigu Lake is a lovely glacial lake located between two high-altitude mountains east of Rohtang Pass. A trail climbs up from Gulaba to a magnificent lake that is frozen in the winter, just 24 kilometers from Manali. The amazing thing about this walk is that it only takes three days to reach an incredible altitude of 14,000 feet and experience snow!

Valley of Forests Trek in Kuppar Bughyal

The verdant pastoral area of Kuppar can be found on a wonderful journey in the Pabbar Valley in the Shimla district. The woodland walk is bustling with raw beauty, with limitless areas of deodar, coniferous, and deciduous forests. The Kupper Peak (10,500 feet) is reached via an 18-kilometer hike from Khada Pathar. From the summit, you can see Pabbar Valley and Himalayan peaks stretching from Kinnaur to Chanshal Valley.

Triund: The Dhauladhar Meadows 

Triund, 18 kilometers from Dharmshala, is a beautiful site with well-marked paths that provide stunning views of the Kangra valley. A bus from Delhi to Mcleodganj can be booked online. The climb from Mcleodganj to Triund is over 1,100 meters steep. McLeodganj (also known as Little Lhasa) offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Tibetan culture. Try trekking from Triund to Lahesh Cave and exploring the meadows below Indrahar Pass if you have a day to spare of Himalayan Treks.

The Electric Hill Trek from Bijli Mahadev to Naggar

The legendary Bijli Mahadev temple is perched atop the Mathan hills. The 15-kilometer hike from Kullu town to the top of this lightning hill is an adventure in and of itself. The interior of Kais Wildlife Reserve is where the trek’s true beauty lies. The calm valley’s sylvan surroundings are captivating, with a diverse range of lush deodar and pine forests. As you leave the valley and approach Naggar, you may realize that this is a highly rewarding and worthwhile weekend hike.

Deo Tibba Base 

You can do the Deo Tibba Base Camp trek, which is located at the base of Deo Tibba mountain, if you are feeling ambitious. The hike, which takes place in a rural area, provides breathtaking views of nature and mountain scenery. This walk will present you with a variety of obstacles that will prepare you for more difficult mountain treks and expeditions. This journey is not for novices because it necessitates strength and endurance.

Dainkund Trek

Dainkund Trek is ideal for those thrill-seekers looking for Himachal trekking paths, as it is the highest peak in the entire region of Dalhousie. This mountain provides a 360-degree perspective of the entire valley, inspiring awe in the viewer. Because of the melodic rhythms produced by the trees, this mountain is also known as the singing peak. There are many diverse species to see here, ranging from pine to oak. Apart from that, there is a temple on top, which adds to the tranquillity of Himalayan Treks.

Beas Kund Winter Trek

The Beas Kund Trek takes you to the source of the Beas River and several historic glaciers that surround it, making it one of Himachal’s most popular winter treks. The fascinating water feature appears to be breathtaking, since it is surrounded by the gorgeous Pir Panjal Range. This region is deliciously chaotic yet gorgeous due to the surrounding villages and gushing waterfalls. The Sage Vyas is said to have bathed in this river on a daily basis.

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is one of Himachal Pradesh’s most appealing and thrilling winter trekking destinations, with its rich palette of verdant forests, breathtaking grasslands, exquisite flower valleys, barren stretches, and rugged terrains . The snow-capped mountains, huge desolate expanses, and attractive rocky terrains of Lahaul and Spiti, as well as the stunning Oak, Birch, and Maple trees will enchant you. The thrilling pass crossings will take your excitement to new heights of Himalayan Treks.

Triund Winter Trek

The Triund Winter Trek is one of India’s most popular winter weekend hikes, particularly for people traveling from Delhi or Chandigarh.. On this hiking trip, the stunning scenery of the Dhauladhar Ranges and the lovely Kangra Valley will enchant your senses. 

Rhododendron and oak forests will be delighted to see you. The soothing sounds of birds will soothe your ears. Photographers will love the magnificent sunset views.


The Indian Himalayas are one of the best places in the world to experience nature and life at its most basic. There are a wide variety of peaks and trekking options to choose from, with something for everyone. The ten treks that we’ve mentioned here are some of the best, and each has its own unique appeal. We hope that these recommendations point you in the right direction towards enjoying one of the greatest experiences of your life


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