What are Some Ideas to Build Applications Using AngularJS?


If you’re an AngularJS developer and want to use your skills in new and different ways, this list of 10 ideas to build applications using AngularJS will give you some great inspiration. From building apps to helping people find new jobs, you can use the popular JavaScript framework to solve nearly any problem under the sun — or at least in cyberspace! Even if you’re not a developer yourself, these creative applications will give you plenty of ideas on how to make your small business stand out from the crowd.

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Let’s go through a list of things you can do with Angular 2

You can use Angular 2 to create single-page web applications.

This framework is also great for creating mobile apps with the Ionic framework.

Angular 2 is also used for creating Progressive Web Apps which are becoming more and more popular. If you’re looking to get into the internet of things, you can also use Angular 2 to create smart home applications.

Single Page Apps

One great idea for an AngularJS app is a single-page app. This type of app loads all of the necessary HTML, CSS, and JavaScript up front, and then uses AngularJS to dynamically update the page as the user interacts with it. This results in a fast, responsive, and interactive user experience. You can find more information about this type of application here. You might also want to hire AngularJS developers or web designers that specialize in this technology.

Chat apps

AngularJS is a great framework for building chat applications. The two-way data binding and easy templating make it a perfect fit for real-time applications. Plus, there are numerous tutorials and libraries available to help you get started quickly. If you’re still not sure about AngularJS and its capabilities, hire an angularjs developer who can design your application as per your needs.

Multi-Page Apps

AngularJS is great for building multi-page web applications. You can use it to create a single-page application, but you can also use it to create multiple pages that work together. For example, you could use AngularJS to create a page that has a form on it. The form could then be used to submit data to a database. If the form passes validation rules, the user would be able to move on and see the next screen in the process. If not, they would see an error message.

Rest API (web services)

One of the great things about AngularJS is that it can easily consume data from a REST API. This means that you can easily create a single-page application that pulls data from a web service and displays it in an organized way. Plus, since AngularJS is a JavaScript framework, it can be used with any server-side language. It’s also easy to integrate into your existing backend architecture.

One other common use for AngularJS is the creation of simple search interfaces, which can take advantage of features like autocomplete or auto-fill-in forms.

Another idea would be to integrate AngularJS into your existing website design by creating something similar to an app launcher – where clicking on a link takes users straight into the site’s primary functionality (a content management system) without having to load up a new page.

Mobile applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone)

AngularJS is a great platform for building mobile applications. You can use it to create single-page apps that are fast and responsive. Plus, AngularJS works well with other frameworks and libraries, making it a great choice for building hybrid apps. Another benefit of AngularJS is the ability to unit test components in isolation from the rest of the application.

One downside of AngularJS is that it does not have built-in support for any kind of persistence – you’ll need to find an additional library or write your own code to persist data locally or remotely.

Integrating Web and Mobile Applications With the Same Backend Services

One of the great things about AngularJS is that it can be used to create both web and mobile applications. This means that you can use the same backend services for both types of applications, which can save you time and money. The only difference between a mobile app and a web app with AngularJS is how the front-end user interface (UI) was built – whether with HTML5 or CSS3.

Create A Progressive Web App

Progressive web apps are websites that look and feel like an app. They’re reliable, fast, and engaging. Plus, they can be added to the home screen of a user’s device without requiring an app store. To create a progressive web app using AngularJS, you’ll need to hire angularjs developers who are familiar with the framework.


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