Top Hostels to Stay in Manali



Before getting a job and starting your supposedly adult life. You’re now insolvent and unable to travel. But if you still harbor a secret desire to explore Manali let me know. Wait until you find out then!

Why spend your hard-earned (though meager) money on a pricey stay in Manali when you can spend pennies by staying in hostels and still add a dash of adventure to your trip?

Top hostels to stay in Manali

You’ll understand how much fun staying in a hostel is if you’ve seen Queen. Oh, yeah. I am aware that it was Amsterdam, but the topic at hand is Manali. Be at ease, though! Additionally, there are a good number of backpacker hostels in Manali that were built with a company while travelling you and me in mind.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top hostels in Manali for your convenience:

1. One of the top hostels in Manali is The Lost Tribe Hostels.

The best place to stay in Manali if you’re traveling alone or with a bunch of crazy friends is probably this one. Additionally, you will be served a simple North Indian meal. a wonderful location to spend some time with loved ones in the Himalayas.

Cost: 400 INR (approx.)

Features: Free Parking Special Breakfast Option Bike or car rental options

2. For every hippie, check out Born Free Hostel!

fun, cheap, unique, and cool. That is how the Born Free Hostel in Manali is described. The hostel, which is the coolest location in the Himalayas, is awesome and makes it a crowd favorite. And it’s inexpensive! The food served here is delectable, and the staff is very laid back.

Cost: 500 INR (approx.)

Parking is free; there is luggage storage.

3. Shobla Pine Royale: Get out of the crowded, polluted city!

A gorgeous hostel with a retro-inspired interior is called Shobla Pine Royale. If you want to escape the bustle of the city, Shobla Pine Royale, which was built in the Kaathguni style, is the best location. offering some affordable rates in addition to a sweeping view of the Himalayas and Jogni Falls. This hotel is close to the Beas River’s banks, so you can expect a peaceful stay there.

Price: INR 1500 (approx.)

Free WiFi is a feature. No cost parking in private Choose from continental, Irish, or vegetarian breakfast.

4. The Backpacker’s Hub at Rockway

One of the best places to stay in Manali is Rockway Backpacker’s Hub, which is located close to the banks of the Manalsu River. The prices are cheap, so staying here will help you keep your spending to a minimum. Additionally, the renowned People Cafe and Lazy Dog Lounge are ideally situated close to this hostel. The Rockway The Backpackers Hub is the place to go if you want a peaceful, quiet place to stay near various amazing places.
Cost: 1 000 INR (approx.)
Features: Parking and Free WiFi

5. The Himalayan Country House: for the breathtaking view!

Himalayan Country House, a hostel in Old Manali’s town center, is the perfect place for every traveler seeking excitement. You can see the village, the temple, and the snow-covered mountains everywhere from the balcony, which has a mesmerizing view. The choice is also available to engage in adventure sports like motorcycling, biking, and trekking.

Cost: 500 INR (approx.)
Features: WiFi access Parking Is Free

6. Bhoomi Holiday Homes: Revert to the past!

The ideal retreat for lone travelers seeking to save money by staying in a cottage. Bhoomi Holiday Homes is renowned for its breathtaking rooftop view of the Himalayan. The cottage is close to all the popular tourist attractions. Once you arrive, Is therefore recommended that you enjoy a cup of steaming hot tea while taking in the breathtaking surroundings.

Cost: 500 INR (approx.)
Features: 24-hour receptionist onsite dining room

7. For every lover of nature, The Dog on the Hill!

The Dog on the Hill, which is close to apple orchards, which will undoubtedly add an excessive amount of royalty to your stay. The rooms are comfortable and are full of old-world charm. One of the main reasons you should stay here is that it offers a panoramic view of the snow-covered mountains. Additionally, the prices are affordable and won’t hurt your finances!

Cost: 1 000 INR (approx.)
Perfect location for nature walks There are both single and double rooms available.

8. One of the most well-known hostels in Manali is the International Youth Hostel.

Explore youth hostels if you want to meet people who share your passion for travel. You’ll notice that backpackers from all over the world who visit Manali stay here.
1500 Indian Rupees (approx.)

Features: Airport pickup and drop-off for a small fee Services for laundry Arrangements for sightseeing transportation


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