Top 10 Healthcare NGO in Delhi NCR


Around the world, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) go by many different titles with somewhat different scopes and coverage, such as third-sector organizations, non-profit organizations, community-based groups, etc. They are frequently referred to as not-for-profit institutions in India.

In the literature on political economics, ideas of government and market failure are used to explain the significance of an evolving non-governmental sector. Sociological studies place a strong emphasis on them as a crucial institution for promoting social integration and as a vital component of a democratic society.

Top 10 Healthcare NGO in Delhi NCR

The non-governmental sector is seen favourably in the health sector as well. Studies give a heavy focus on the non-governmental sector as a critical institution for fostering social integration and as an essential part of a democratic society. The notion of the non-governmental sector evolved from the government and market failure. Additionally, the non-governmental sector is seen highly involved in the medical field in India.

Although it is only our duty to take care of our health, the most vulnerable members of society are not provided with even the most basic medical treatment. They are not even able to access the most basic social services, and as a result, they fall victim to several chronic and acute diseases. To end these disparities, the Satya Shakti Foundation – the Best NGO in Delhi has launched a campaign. The most advanced medical facilities are being offered to young people, adults, and the elderly in Delhi and the surrounding areas.

There have been several modifications to healthcare systems around the world. An individual or society can live a healthy life and reach their full potential when they are free from illness. Consequently, the best way to view health is as the fundamental starting point for defining one’s sense of well-being.

The problem of population health is a major one that typically influences how a vast society is structured in any industrialized culture. The degree of socioeconomic imbalance, the accessibility of healthcare facilities, the cost and quality of care, and the level of biological understanding of health and disease are a few of these.


The lack of access to high-quality services for underprivileged and marginalized communities is one of the many difficulties facing the Indian healthcare industry. This has mostly been caused by poor investment in public healthcare, which accounts for barely 1% of the country’s GDP and is among the lowest levels in the world.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, the hospital system was severely tested, exposing its flaws. However, some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are discovering the core causes of healthcare difficulties and developing novel remedies. They work in a variety of sectors, including a child and reproductive health, nutrition, disease early detection, and communicable disease treatment.

Here is a list of healthcare non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Delhi NCR that are working around the clock to improve the general health of society’s vulnerable and impoverished people.

  1. Satya Shakti Foundation
  2. Jeevan Raksha Foundation
  3. Physically Handicapped Welfare Society
  4. Sevaarth
  5. Umeed Foundation
  6. Child helping Foundation
  7. Bhartiya Sarv Samaj MahaSangh
  8. Jhuggi Jhopdi Morcha Punjabi Bagh
  9. Nitya Foundation
  10. Simmi Foundation

NGOs’ current and upcoming health challenges-

  • It is the result of work by NGOs like the Satya Shakti Foundation and other government initiatives. There has been a significant improvement in health and welfare over the past few years, with considerable drops in maternal, neonatal, and child mortality as well as deaths from illnesses including HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, and conditions that may have been averted by immunization. These advancements were made possible by NGOs, and now there is ample evidence supporting the effectiveness of this approach, particularly in regard to some of the main causes of illness and mortality.
  • In developing nations like India, NGOs specialize and play an essential role in communicating with the community. For example, in the Outskirts of the Delhi-National Capital Region, our key priorities are service delivery, awareness-raising, and preventative campaigns for patients who live in rural locations without access to physicians or sufficient medical facilities.


  • We host several free mega health check-up campaigns in various parts of Delhi NCR, focusing mostly on the outskirts and slums.
  • In order to support people living in remote areas during COVID-19, we developed E-clinics, where we collaborate with expert doctors to provide the best medical care.
  • The SATYA Shakti foundation served as protective armor for the poor and in need during the life-threatening second wave of COVID-19 by donating many diagnostic kits, essential medications, and oxygen cylinders.
  • We began telemedicine services so that residents of the Delhi NCR may visit doctors on-call without having to stand in a lengthy line or spend money or time doing so. They recommend medication, which we provide without charge.


We are one of the leading healthcare providers in Delhi NCR. We believe in working on the bottom up to improve the health care of the needy and those in need rather than talking and engaging in PR stunts and desire fair access to healthcare for all people. By making it more accessible and increasing awareness, we can help people alter their health-related habits., The SATYA Shakti Foundation bridges the gap between rural areas and access to fundamental healthcare.

Our health initiatives aim to improve the accessibility, affordability, and accessibility of vital healthcare services. To reduce the detrimental effects of sickness on health, economic potential, and general prosperity, we construct and improve societies.

We distinguish ourselves from several other organizations by working in every village and on the outskirts of the Delhi NCR. We never use government grants or donations to expand or promote our NGOs; instead, we use the whole sum that you have given us to advance society. Furthermore, our volunteers work tirelessly to better society.


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