5 Ways a Car Wash is Beneficial to Your Car


Automobiles are such an important part of today’s society that most people cannot go without having one. You need to get back and forth to and from work. You need to get to the store. Some people just like to drive a lot and go on trips. Though the more you drive your car, the dirtier it gets. Believe it or not, a dirty car doesn’t just look bad aesthetically; it can harm your car in many different ways. Here are five ways your car can benefit from regular trips to automated car washes.

5 Ways a Car Wash is Beneficial to Your Car

1: Quickly Does the Job

A car wash is quick and easy, which is a big benefit for you. How does this benefit your car? Well, when people wash their cars, they risk scrubbing too hard, or not using the proper sorts of soaps, and this can easily harm the paint job. Once you remove your clear coat, or you end up scratching your paint, it’s all downhill from there. This is when rust starts happening on older models, and your fiberglass can start chipping away on newer models. The longer you’re scrubbing and washing your car, the more damage you’re doing to it over time. Going through a quick automated wash is far better for your vehicle.

2: Car Washes Are More Gentle

As mentioned above, car washes are gentler on your paint. Though that goes well beyond the fact that their brushes and cloth were specifically designed to be easy on your automobile’s paint job. It also extends to the types of products used. A lot of different soap products are very bad for your car, even the ones that advertise themselves specifically as soaps for washing your car. This is because the residue is often left behind from hand washing, and this can have almost an acidic effect on your paint job. Car washes use less harsh products to clean your car, and they also do a much better job rinsing all the residue away with their pressurized water. That’s something harder to do with your home’s water hose.

3: Prolong the Life of Your Paint

Automated car washes just prolong the life of your paint. Again, this has already been alluded to, but it goes a lot farther than just not scratching or eating your paint away. Car washes were engineered to be incredibly light with your automobiles, which means that your clear coat is going to last here. So not only will you stave off the scratches and rust with regular visits to an automated wash; but you’ll also end up with a car that looks a lot shinier and fresher because the clear coat will remain intact for a whole lot longer.

4: Cleans the Dirt You’ll Miss

When you hand wash your car at home, it’s very tough to get into all those nooks and crannies. The fact is that most people don’t use a pressure washer to wash their cars. They use a typical water hose that they use to water their garden or their grass. As you might imagine, this isn’t nearly enough water pressure to knock that dirt and grime loose, and it’s not as if you’re going to sit out there with specialty tools for hours scraping and cleaning all the dirt out. Even if you wanted to, why not just take your car to an automated wash? In a matter of minutes, the specialized brushes and pressurized water is going to get all the dirt off your car.

5: Helps Maintain a Higher Car Value

There is a lot that people do not know about automated car washes. One of those things is that they can help keep your car very valuable. When your automobile is assessed for value, how it looks aesthetically is incredibly important. Especially in today’s economy where all vehicles command a high price, people want bright, shiny, clean cars if they’re going to spend so much on them. If you plan to one day resell your car, then regular trips to the wash will help you tremendously.

In Conclusion

The facts are pretty clear on this. If you want your car to benefit from washing it regularly, then going to an automated wash is just far superior to hand-washing it yourself.


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