Bentley Intense Cologne 100ML EDP For Men


The new Bentley For Men Intense cologne is an exclusive collaboration between the luxury car maker and perfumer Lalique. These two companies have been producing fragrances and fine glasswork for almost as long as Bentley has. The cologne features a unique blend of fragrances created specifically for men.

15% perfume concentration

The Bentley Intense Cologne for Men is a strong, masculine fragrance with a woody base. Its sandalwood note is complemented by a bright geranium note and a woody aroma from bay leaves. This masculine scent is long-lasting and will stay on long after you leave the room. The fragrance is made up of 15 percent perfume oil, which makes it very powerful.

Bentley Intense Cologne

The men’s fragrance is available in an Eau de Parfum version. The EDP version has a 15 percent perfume concentration, which provides a long-lasting fragrance. The fragrance also contains a blend of incense and African geranium. The latter is used to add depth to the composition. Labdanum resin rounds out the notes and provides a warm, ambery accompaniment.

Provocative scent

The provocative scent of Bentley Intense Cense 100ML EDP for Men is an ode to confidence and masculinity. The scent is comprised of a blend of spices, including frankincense and pepper, with warm leather and exotic sandalwood.

The fragrance has a high concentration of 15 percent perfume and is long-lasting. Incense is used to create depth to the aroma, and African geranium completes the rich harmony. The cologne’s leathery base notes are accentuated by the rich amber resonance of labdanum resin.

Bentley is famous for making luxurious cars, and its line of luxury fragrances has also been expanding to include these sophisticated and masculine scents. Cologne is an original name brand, and the ingredients used are of the highest quality. The brand has received international recognition and has a loyal following across the world.

Sexy scent

Bentley for Men is a sexy scent with a spicy opening. It is a combination of leather and labdanum. This masculine scent has a long-lasting scent that is reminiscent of a leather armchair. The fragrance also contains a touch of sweetness that is similar to Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men.

This Oriental Spicy fragrance is perfect for men who want a masculine scent with a spicy twist. The top notes include pepper, bay leaf, and bergamot, while the middle notes feature a spicy cinnamon and rum scent. At the base of the fragrance are woody notes, benzoin, and patchouli.

Sexy cologne

Launched in 2013, Bentley Intense Cologne for Men is an elegant scent with woody, spicy and smoky tones. The masculine scent is ideal for men who don’t mind being the center of attention. Its notes include bergamot, black pepper, cinnamon, bay leaf, and African geranium.

The scent is a woody spicy oriental scent that is perfect for a man who doesn’t mind being the center of attention. It is made with notes like bergamot, black pepper, smoky notes, cinnamon, bay leaf, and wood. The fragrance was developed by Nathalie Lorson.

The initial notes of Bentley Intense Cologne for Men are very masculine, with hints of spicy pepper and geranium. The scene then shifts to warm leather and a smoky base that is reminiscent of sandalwood. A touch of amber adds to the sultry, sexy fragrance.

Bentley Intense Cologne for Men is an Eau de Parfum (EDP) with a 15% perfume concentration. It has excellent staying power and provides a powerful fragrance experience. It is presented in a glass bottle that mimics the design language of Bentley’s luxury saloon cars. Its rounded design makes it comfortable to hold.


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