Top Things Mobile Application Testing Companies Need to Test Before Making a Mobile App Live


Mobile applications are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world at this moment. The mobile application market is extremely competitive. People can switch immediately to another competitive product when an application has poor functionality. Mobile application testing companies can ensure that an application runs smoothly and consistently satisfies customer needs.

Top ten mobile application testing companies


Here is a list of the top ten mobile application testing companies in the year 2022.

  • QA Mentor
  • ScienceSoft
  • TestMatick
  • Mindful QA
  • Indium Software
  • QualityLogic
  • Testlio
  • Kualitatem
  • Galaxy Weblinks

Top things to test before making a mobile application live

There are multiple things that a mobile testing company should test before making a mobile application live.

Installation testing

Installation testing is a very important step before making a mobile app live. The first interaction between your application and a user happens during this installation process.
Things that come under installation testing:

  • The experts need to make sure that the old version of the application still works if the update is cancelled.
  • The old data must not be corrupted after the update of any particular application.
  • There should be no junk files left in the device after uninstalling an application.

Functionality testing

The primary goal of software functional testing is to produce some brilliant ideas with higher functionality. The experts perform multiple non typical and standard scenarios to evaluate an application.

Things that the experts check with application functional testing:

  • Validation
  • Error messages
  • Sound effect
  • Video effect
  • Sharing features
  • Navigation
  • Payment transaction
  • Mechanism of in-app advertising
  • User manual compliance

GUI testing

GUI testing can help to figure out if the graphical elements of your application can meet the requirements or not. They must be implemented as they are intended. The experts can check a few more things with GUI testing.

  • Display of GUI elements for several screen resolutions
  • Navigation elements like toolbars, menus, etc.
  • Notifications of the apps
  • Image alignment and quality
  • Text arrangement and formatting

Compatibility testing

Experts use this method of testing to determine how well an application runs on different devices. Every successful app must be compatible with the majority of the available devices. Compatibility testing can help you to determine if the application runs properly on multiple devices with certain conditions:

  • Different operating system
  • Different network
  • Different hardware
  • Different screen resolution
  • Different browser

Testing the application on all hardware and software configurations is necessary to reduce the possibility of failure.

Usability testing

Usability testing is a crucial factor that, in a highly competitive market, can affect how well-liked a product is. Using this testing technique, you can find the areas of your application that are challenging to use on a touch screen. Your application must consume excessive power and match the target audience.

Interruption testing

With the help of interruption testing, you can take care of the following interruptions:

  • System notifications
  • Incoming calls and messages
  • Network outage and recovery
  • Cable insertion and removal
  • Alarm

Security testing

The first type of testing related to testing automation is security testing. It is also known as pen testing. Security testing is actually required to protect your personal information and corporate data. You cannot deliver any banking solutions or software in the e-commerce industry without this testing method. You must follow these steps before any final release:

  • Executing vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Simulate real-life conditions
  • Implement security testing as early as possible

Performance testing

Performance testing can help you to track certain performance aspects of your application.

  • Battery consumption
  • Memory usage
  • Loading time
  • CPU usage
  • Behavior in low resources settings
  • Behavior in a multitasking environment

The experts can use modern tools and technologies like JUnit, Allure, TestNG, and Appium for better results.


Mobile application testing is essential for finding every error in an application and lowering the likelihood that it will fail. You can find errors like poor user experience, poor design, slow loading times, crashes, etc. with the help of various testing techniques. Once you can identify the problem, it becomes easier to identify potential solutions.


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