Samsung Galaxy Cases – The Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9


If you’re looking for a case for your Samsung Galaxy S9+, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover some of the best cases for Samsung Galaxy phones. Check out these examples from Ringke Air, Totallee, OtterBox, Spigen, and others. If you’re still on the fence about which case to buy, keep reading! The best Samsung Galaxy cases can protect your device from scratches, bumps, and more.

Ringke Air

If you’re looking for a Samsung Galaxy case that’s both lightweight and durable, you should check out the Ringke Air. Made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane, this case is the lightest option available, yet provides a high level of protection from the everyday bumps and scratches your phone is bound to experience. Read on to learn more about this case. It may just be the perfect fit for your phone!

The Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9

Made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane, the Ringke Air case offers decent drop protection, though it’s not as tough or thin as its competitors. The case’s slick design adds minimal thickness, and the raised lips protect the phone’s camera bump from scratches. It’s easy to clean too, thanks to its matte finish. The price is reasonable, which is a great benefit if you’re on a budget.

The Ringke Air Samsung Galaxy cases come with a lanyard hole and feature an all-clear design. These cases can prevent accidental drops, even from the clumsiest users. In addition to clear cases, Ringke also offers a line of patterned cases with floral patterns. If you’d like to show off your phone, consider buying a Ringke Air Soft case. This is made of a thin, transparent TPU material, but it doesn’t provide as much protection as a hard case.


If you’ve been on the lookout for a sleek, slim phone case, Totallee has you covered. The company is based in Southern California, and its line of phone cases is the number one thin phone case in the world. Its sleek design and minimal style set them apart from the rest of the competition, and the company’s reputation for top-notch customer service has earned them over 500,000 loyal fans.

The slimmest protective cases on the market, Totallee Galaxy S21 cases are 0.02 to 0.03 inches thick and weigh less than 0.1 oz. They have precision cutouts that protect the phone while leaving it slim and unobtrusive. In addition, Totallee cases don’t interfere with wireless charging, meaning you can use your phone as normal. This makes Totallee Galaxy cases a great choice for people who’d like to protect their phones from shattered screens and unwanted scratches.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Cardholder Cases are designed to protect smartphones from scratches, dust, and everyday wear and tear. The slim, zero-branding Totallee Galaxy S21 cases are the perfect solution for people who don’t like bulky cases on their phones. Unlike some other brands, Totallee offers a two-year warranty on its cases. As long as you purchase them from authorized retailers, you can be confident in your purchase.


If you’re on the lookout for a protective case for your Samsung Galaxy phone, you may be wondering which type of case to choose. The Defender series is a popular choice, but the Defender Pro is also a solid option if you’re on a budget. Both Defender and Symmetry cases offer good protection, but the Defender Pro is a bit bulkier and is not as attractive as its sibling. It’s not quite as protective, however, and may not be suited for your phone.

The Commuter Series case ditches the bulky, blocky style of older models in favour of sleek, slim designs. This case is now available at a discounted price of $9.80 and features two layers of drop protection. The inner silicone layer is protected by a hard plastic exterior. Available at and at select brick-and-mortar stores, the Commuter Series case offers the same high-level protection as its older counterpart.

The Defender Series is another great option for those looking for a protective case for their Samsung Galaxy S10. This case features a polycarbonate outer shell and a screenless design to provide easy access to the touchscreen. A holster is also included in this model so that you can conveniently carry the phone with you and still use it hands-free. The Defender Series also has a removable case that can be adapted to fit various belts and holsters.


Spigen started in 2004 and launched its US division in 2008. The name of the company derives from two German words: Spiegelgen and Gen. The company not only produces smartphone cases but also makes phone stands and bike mounts. Its most popular product is the phone case, which is a popular choice among phone users. Not only do these cases protect your phone but also offer a wide range of features, including extra features and exceptional affordability.

The slim Armor CS case by Spigen is designed to protect the phone from falls and shocks. It is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and also houses the optional S-Pen stylus. This case provides solid protection while still letting the smartphone’s sleek design show. The slim Armor CS case is perfect for those who do not wish to have a bulky case that covers their phone. It features a sliding mechanism and can easily store two cards and cash.

The Thin Fit series by Spigen is ideal for people who want minimal protection while still keeping their phone looking great. This protective case wraps the phone in a thin layer of polycarbonate and adds only 0.08″ to its thickness. It features a matte finish and a geometric pattern. It is available in both black and white and offers excellent protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case is another good choice.

OtterBox Defender Series

For ultimate protection, opt for the OtterBox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy cases. Its multi-layered construction guards your phone against dirt, scratches, and drops. Additionally, it doubles as a holster, which means that you can use your phone hands-free. This case is ideal for those who want to protect their phones and stay hands-free at the same time. The holster also doubles as a kickstand, making it easy to use while on the go.

The Defender Series is the first Otterbox case. It uses a polycarbonate shell and synthetic rubber slipcover to protect your phone from drops and bumps. The case covers ports to keep dust and debris out. The thick raised bezel helps protect your phone’s display, and some cases also come with a screen protector. Otterbox Defender Series Samsung Galaxy cases have several features that make them stand out among other cases.

The Defender Series Samsung Galaxy cases are the thinnest and most protective cases for Samsung’s flagship phone. It’s made from a tough polycarbonate material and is suitable for everyday use. The Defender Series case comes with a pop-socket grip, which is especially useful when using a case for charging your phone. Depending on the size of your phone, you can select the right one for your phone.

Ringke Onyx TPU

Ringke offers several different Samsung Galaxy cases. The Fusion case is one of the most popular cases from the company, and the Ringke Onyx is a very thin and sleek version. Its dual-layer design includes a hard polycarbonate back, which protects the display and rear camera, and TPU bumpers to protect other parts of the phone. Another model is the Air Soft case, which is transparent and designed to show off your phone. The Air Soft case is made of a thin TPU material and is not very protective.

The Ringke Onyx TPU Samsung Galaxy case is available in multiple colors and sometimes comes with a lanyard. It is designed for increased protection than the Air model and has a military-grade drop protection rating. It also features the Ringke lanyard holes, which are essential for attaching your case to a crossbody bag. The Ringke Onyx case will protect your device against drops and is designed for ease of installation.

The Ringke Onyx TPU Samsung Galaxy case offers excellent protection for your Samsung Galaxy A12 and is very flexible. Its raised sides prevent scratches and repel fingerprints. It is not the thinnest case, but it is firm and feels great in the hand. You can choose from Navy, Black, or Dark Gray. And because the Ringke Onyx case is so versatile, you can use it with a screen protector as well.


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