How to Save Your Streams on Twitch?


Twitch can routinely keep your pronounces; however most effective in case you manually allow the choice to your VOD Settings panel.

Twitch doesn’t preserve your films and streams at the internet site forever.

Downloading Twitch streams on your pc is the top sure-fire way to ensure the moments you’ve got together with your network are saved and stored forever.

How to Save Your Streams on Twitch

With some short clicks of a button, you could download your pronounces to preserve in a report to your pc or tough drive, even supposing they don’t live in Twitch’s archives.

To begin the procedure, you’ll need to click on your profile photograph within the proper pinnacle nook of Twitch’s homepage and pick out “Creator Dashboard” from the dropdown menu.

Once there, you could click on the “Content” dropdown at the left of your display screen and pick out “Video Producer” to open up all of the films and beyond pronounces in your Channel.

Then pick out the published that you’d want to save. Once you click on it, a Video Preview ought to pop out, and at the pinnacle of that preview, here’s a listing of options.

Along with being capable of exporting, sharing, and unpublished the clip, there’s a “Download” option. You are clicking with a purpose to start the procedure of making ready your broadcast and downloading it.

How to Find Your Saved VODs on Twitch?

After permitting the “Store your beyond broadcasts” alternative for your Creator Dashboard, you’re thinking about wherein to locate the real VODs.

Follow the stairs beneath to locate your Twitch Past Broadcast Videos. Suppose you need to archive (or edit and re-upload) the content. In that case, you may download the video documents to your machine by following the stairs beneath.

  • Click your avatar inside the top-proper nook of your screen, then choose Channel.
  • Select Videos from the horizontal menu to your Channel, as indicated inside the picture beneath.
  • Here, you can see all of the movies on your Channel. Click Edit Videos to get entry to the Video Producer panel.
  • Select the video(s) you need to download, in case you intend to keep them locally, then click on the three vertical dots after the “Watch” option. In the dropdown menu, choose Download.
  • The video will take seconds to procedure and prepare, and then the Download will begin.

If you don’t need to re-add those films on different structures and handiest need to archive them due to the fact they have got unique which means to you, make sure to shop them someplace secure. Ideally, you must additionally create a backup of the content.

Why might not my Twitch streams save?

As we have got mentioned, pronounces now no longer saving on Twitch are typical as a result of incorrect account settings. The auto-save characteristic is probably disabled, or there are a few configurations that motive conflicts. Check out the stairs underneath to configure the auto save on Twitch: First, open your browser and get entry to your Twitch account.

To do that, comply with those steps:

  • Open Twitch to your browser and check in for your account.
  • Click your avatar inside the top-proper nook of your screen. In the menu that appears, choose Creator Dashboard.
  • You should now see the primary panel with diverse settings associated with your Twitch account. On the left side, choose Settings, after which Stream from the dropdown menu.
  • In the “VOD Settings” section, spark off the Store beyond pronounces alternative with the aid of turning the transfer.

Now, whilst you finish every stay stream, Twitch will routinely shop it inside the shape of a VOD. However, those VODs aren’t ultimately saving their servers.

If you’re a widespread Twitch user, your account no longer has an energetic Twitch Turbo or Prime Gaming subscription, and your VODs may save fourteen days.

If you have a Twitch Turbo or Prime Gaming subscription, this quantity of time is prolonged for two months.

How do you save Twitch streams on mobile?

First, allow archiving. Now go to your Stream Settings. You can navigate this web page out of your Creator Dashboard by increasing the Settings tab at the left and clicking Stream. Under the VOD Settings section, toggle the slider after Store to allow or disable archiving.

How to save my Twitch streams as a viewer?

Unfortunately, the choice to keep movies as a streamer is no longer seen by viewers. There is no manner to keep movies interior Twitch as a viewer. If you need to save movies, downloading Twitch streams is the simplest way.


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