Our Guide to Suit Buying for The Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner, so get ready, to step out of your comfort zone, and try something super exciting! Let this year be a hit with the perfect Halloween costume. Take a risk, and do something crazy this year, we have your back bud!

Halloween is the time when you can dress up as whatever and whoever you want to be. So, why not take advantage of this non-judging occasion, and let go of the fear of being commented on, or judged upon?

Star Wars Andor Outfits

Now that you’ve agreed on getting out of your comfort zone and trying something crazy, let’s go through some ideas for your Halloween costume. Star Wars Andor Outfits is an online clothing brand that has a vast collection of cosplay outfits, inspired by your favorite characters from TV shows, movies, games, and anime. Just explore the brand and you’ll definitely find something that’ll make your heart say That’s it!

Here, we have a detailed guide that’ll help you in picking out the perfect Halloween costume this year. We’ll make sure to add spice and excitement to every outfit that we list down, so let’s begin, shall we?

Tips to buy the best Halloween costume

Once you start digging up Halloween costumes, you’ll find endless possibilities. So, how do you think you’ll choose one? Well, let us help you by simplifying the process with these basic tips. 

1. Set up a budget

Act smart, and set up a budget for your Halloween costume. Since it’s the holiday season, everything will be extra expensive. Rather than throwing all your money on a costume for one night, set up your budget and find something accordingly. You can also DIY your own Halloween costume, that’ll make it even more perfect and just as what you had in mind. 

2. Buy it early

Buying your Halloween outfit early is a very good idea. Since everything gets quite pricey during the holidays, it’s better to make a choice and pick out your Halloween costume beforehand. This way, you’ll be able to save money and time as well. 

3. Examine the weather

Try to look at the weather forecast for the night of Halloween. Trust us, you’ll thank us later. Also, keep in mind the surroundings for your Halloween party. For instance, if you’re having an outdoor party, you must dress according to the weather, and if it’s indoors, then you’re good to go with anything.

4. Take a test run

This one’s an important one. Whatever outfit you choose for the night, do take a test run. Wear your dress before the party, put up everything – the dress, jewelry, shoes, makeup, wig, everything. Make sure that you’re comfortable walking in it, because you don’t want to mess it up, right?

Halloween Outfits

Below are some of the outfits that you wear for Halloween this year, and amaze everyone in the room. Dig in.

1. Maleficent Halloween Outfit

Halloween calls for scary and spooky outfits, so how about, wearing the Maleficent outfit for the night? Didn’t you love how amazing Angelina Jolie looked in the movie with a whole load of attitude? Well, all you need for the night, is a full black gown, with a cape and head horns. Put on some bold makeup with red lipstick, and there you are – looking gorgeously evil!

2. Thanos Halloween Outfit

Are you a Marvel fan? If you are, then Thanos’s Halloween outfit is what you need to own right now. This villain outfit will make the crowd fear you. All you have to get is the purple outfit, and paint yourself purple. Get the Infinity gauntlet with all the stones and let people know you can destroy the entire universe – just like that.

3. Top Gun Maverick Halloween Outfit

For all the fans of Tom Cruise and Top Gun, this one’s for you. After a span of 36 years, Maverick is back with a bang. So, choose this outfit for this Halloween, and let the crowd admire how amazing you look as you imitate our beloved, Tom Cruise. All you need is a Navy uniform with embroidered badges, and oh, those stunning aviator sunglasses. 

4. Eleven Halloween Outfit

How can we even miss out on the most trending Halloween outfit of 2022? ELEVEN FROM STRANGER THINGS! This year has been all about how powerful Eleven is, don’t you agree? Get yourself El’s pink dress, and pair it up with an oversized jacket. Wear up a bald hair wig and put on some fake blood under your nose. Now, raise up your hand and put all your energy into moving that cup of soda – at least let people think you are. 

5. Mavis Halloween Outfit

Halloween’s all about spookiness. Get dressed as the cutest vampire out there – Mavis from Hotel Transylvania. She is definitely the spookiest yet adorable vampire that we have seen. You will be needing a black dress and striped red and black tights. Wear bold makeup with black lipstick and put on those little fangs.


Let’s make some great memories this Halloween, with the perfect spookiest outfit. Let all your fears of being judged just fly away – be what you want to be. Happy Halloween!


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