Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing


Traditional Marketing is the earliest way of marketing which is generally used in the form of TV ads, flyers, billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, magazines, etc. On the other hand, Digital Marketing is a modern way of marketing that has to be done through Digital Media in the form of social media marketing(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), Google, YouTube, etc.

The traditional Marketing life cycle includes four stages :

Interest➡ Awareness➡ Desire➡ Decision

The digital marketing life cycle includes five stages:

Planning➡ Implementation➡ Conversion & Expansion➡ Understand client desires ➡ Re-plan & Research

What is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing? 

The primary difference is the medium of marketing and the target audience. Traditional marketing uses newspapers, magazines, and billboards as the medium. Generally, traditional marketing targets the local audience whereas, digital marketing has a broader reach as it uses digital platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google to reach the global audience. There is a geographic barrier in traditional marketing. On the other hand, digital marketing has no such hurdle as it painlessly reaches an audience around the globe.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

For more understanding, let’s talk about early 1990s TV commercial ads that used to play a vital role in people’s lives and put a lasting effect on the audience but the cost was very high and the target audience was limited to those who used to watch TV.

Now if we talk about today’s scenario, digital marketing hits every possible mode of marketing through social media, YouTube, and Google to reach the target audience as we all use social media every day like we have our accounts on FB, Insta, Twitter, etc. and it gets easier for us to reach out to any advertisement of any service and product.

If we are planning a vacation and search on google for the weekend gateways or hotels to stay then automatically we will get advertisements related to weekend destinations and hotels and related content on our Facebook, Instagram feed and digital marketing makes it significantly easier to reach out to its target audience and also it is much effective and reasonable as compared to traditional marketing.

The result of traditional marketing is a lengthy process. It takes a long time to generate the outcome of the marketing strategy and sometimes it can take up to a few months. And digital marketing generates quick results and we can also track those results with the help of web analytics tools like google analytics, UpCity Free SEO Report Card, Internet Marketing Ninjas, Bing Webmaster, Google Trends, Seolyzer, Moz Pro, Linkody, Ontolo etc. There is always a scope for improvements in marketing strategy if we go for digital marketing but flexibility in marketing strategy is not possible in traditional marketing because here, the results are not instant.

Digital Marketing provides the business instant connectivity with their targeted customers but years ago, when traditional marketing was the only hope of the business, interactions had a longer pipeline and were not that much quicker. Traditional Marketing is a one-way communication as it does not allow the marketer to interact with the user. A marketer can only convey his message to the user but cannot get a reaction to that message. In digital marketing, communication is two-way and interactive. Because of the instant reaction, the marketer gets a review from the user and gets to know about the user’s satisfaction.

The scope of improvement is very high in digital marketing compared to traditional marketing as a marketer gets open to feedback from the user and can easily fix it, in traditional marketing, a user can not analyze the feedback, and improvement is quite a difficult and lengthy process.

The conversions are instant in digital marketing as here, marketing is done through the website, and posting on social media but in traditional marketing, a marketer is dependent on the calls or the user needs to be physically present to purchase any product or service. 

Digital marketing usually faces high competition. Higher the reach and higher the competition. Digital marketing competes globally to excel in that competition, the product and strategy also have to be unique. But yes, in traditional marketing, competition is not that high. Also in digital marketing, you can earn solely with some knowledge, and everyone can acquire that knowledge by accessing digital marketing courses, web development courses, Java courses, etc.

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Over the course of time, technology needs to be improved because innovation is the key to success.


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