Gummy Smile- Don’t Bother; We Can Fix it


Eight billion people in the world, and we all are beautiful in our way. Everyone is different and so are our smiles.

A smile is one of the most attractive parts we own of our body. When someone smiles, it doubles the beauty of that person. And smiling and laughing are considered one of the most excellent medicines also. When we laugh from our heart’s core, we get relief from half of our stress.
gummy smile treatment

But what if you don’t like to smile because of your orthodontic problems?

Orthodontic and other dental problems cause issues in our oral and daily life. Problems like a gummy smile are one of them. It’s considered a gummy smile when more than 2-3 mm gums are visible while smiling or laughing. Females are more likely prone to gummy smiles compared to men; it’s proven in some research.

Though gummy smiles have no such severe problems regarding our oral and overall health, studies show that people with gummy smiles have insecurities regarding their aesthetics and looks.

In this modern and technological era, there are no such things that can’t be solved. Medical science has improved so much over the years. And they have solutions for the maximum number of diseases.

A gummy smile treatment falls under cosmetic surgery. There are many ways to treat your gummy smile without any side effects.

You can not trust any clinics over here and there. Random and cheap clinics can lower the cost, but they can’t guarantee you a safe and secure treatment. If you are okay with your gummy smile and don’t want to fix it, then that’s completely fine. But if you want to change that and think you are feeling insecure, which is affecting your career and future, then you must go for surgery.

One of the best clinics in India is Therapeuo dental and multi-speciality clinic. They have all kinds of solutions for your gummy smile with the best surgeons worldwide. They don’t compromise on the quality and promise you a safe and secure surgery.

The main reasons behind your gummy smile can be

  1. Stronger upper lip muscle
  2. Overgrowth of jawbone
  3. Short upper lips
  4. Genetically shorter teeth
  5. Crooked teeth

These can happen because of genetic disorders as well. There can be so many reasons rather than this. So before applying for any surgery, don’t forget to consult a good dentist with much-needed experience.

Options available for gummy smile treatment are

  • Lip surgery
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Gum contouring
  • Root scaling
  • Crown lengthening
  • Veneers or crowns

Lip surgery/botox: Lip surgery or botox can be an option if your surgeon finds out the root cause for your gummy smile is the shorter upper lip.

In lip surgery, the upper lip will be moved surgically downwards. This will help to hide the extra visible gum while smiling or speaking.

Lip Botox is another option in lip surgery where a liquid fluid is injected into your lips for thicker and bigger lips. In this case, the thicker upper lip will also help hide the extra visible gum.

Both options are temporary; they must be fixed every four to six months. If your problem is more severe, then you must need other surgical options to prevent the problem from its root.

Orthodontic treatment: orthodontic problems such as imperfect jaw or unstructured teeth can be the reason behind your gummy smile. So using braces or aligners according to your comfort can end your problems. Aligners are easier to use and maintain than metal braces these days. However, only use orthodontic appliances if your dentist finds out an issue regarding jaw bone and unstructured teeth.

Gum contouring: By laser gum contouring, the extra gum tissues will be removed, causing a gummy smile. Laser gum contouring helps to reshape by eliminating excess gum tissues and showing less of the gum and more of the teeth while smiling and speaking.

Root scaling: root scaling is a milder option where the surgeons will remove the plaque from your teeth to smooth out the texture of your teeth. This will help if you have more favourable issues. For more extensive problems, you need to obtain other surgery treatments before doing. If your doctor thinks you need a root scale, only this will help.

Crown lengthening: this is a surgical process where the doctor will remove the extra gum tissue to take out the teeth underneath the gum to shorten the length.

Veneers or crowns: it’s helpful when you have genetically smaller/shorter teeth than average. If your gum or extra tissue has left you with very little or no teeth, then veneers or crowning will help the teeth appear longer, covering up the gum and making it look normal.

All these treatments are related to each other, and you may need more than one treatment to prevent the trouble forever.

If you are still confused about the gummy smile treatment and the procedure, visit Therapeuo dental and multi-speciality clinic to read blogs to get complete knowledge. You can book your customized professional advice there to help you with many dental problems.


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