CharmHealth Electronic Health Records (EHR) Review


If you’re interested in electronic health records (EHR), you should check out CharmHealth. This cloud-based EHR includes practice management and revenue cycle management capabilities, MU3-certified MIPS/MACRA readiness, a patient portal, connect solution for collaborative communication, and Mobile apps across platforms. It is also physician-friendly and features a touch-ready mobile app for tablets and other mobile devices. Its features include patient-focused design and real-time prescription benefits.


Charm EHR is a Cloud Based Electronic Health Record

The free version of CharmHealth EHR is designed for single providers, but you’ll need a paid plan to have more features. The free version limits you to 50 encounters per month, while the paid plans include E-prescriptions, billing profiles, and unlimited practices. In addition to the free version, Charm offers enterprise plans that include TeleHealth services. Charm’s free version also limits the number of providers you can add.

The cloud-based CharmHealth EHR is part of the MedicalMine EHR suite, which includes Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and EHR. Many independent clinics use CharmHealth to prescribe controlled substances. It integrates with Surescripts’ Real-Time Prescription Benefits solution to deliver therapeutic alternatives, prescription price transparency, and more to patients and clinicians. This software offers comprehensive and secure EHR and practice management capabilities, and is also PCI-validated.

Integration with Practice Management

If you are in the market for an electronic health record (EHR) for your practice, Charm Health has an affordable solution for your needs. The free plan is designed for small practices, and the paid plans allow you to create as many encounters per month as you want. ChARM EHR is HIPAA compliant and offers a variety of features. For example, its EHR lets you track patient history and create patient reports. It also allows you to integrate your EHR with your practice management system, allowing you to track patient data and manage patient accounts with ease.

Charm Health is a cloud-based EHR system that integrates with practice management, medical billing, and mobile apps. It includes a free patient portal for secure communication with your practice. Patients can view their own summary of visits and see any lab results from previous doctors. They can also pay bills with the system through an API. Charm Health also provides experienced support for independent practices. There is no need to worry about IT or coding, since Charm Health provides all of the features your practice needs.

It has an In-House Pharmacy Module

The e-Prescription module of CharmHealth Electronic Health Records (EHR) enables a clinic’s pharmacist to manage prescriptions. Patients can use the integrated database of more than 70000 pharmacies to find the exact drugs they need. The integrated database also allows you to filter the results by strength, route, and dosage form. The pharmacist can also configure reorder thresholds and view reports of current inventory.

The ChARM EHR is a comprehensive electronic patient health record that provides a framework to store patient records electronically. This web-based EHR is certified by ONC-ACB to be meaningful for patients. It is easy to use and provides access to patient records anywhere and at any time. It supports Urgent Care Templates including Trauma, Common Illnesses, Adult Screening, Pediatric Screening, and Vaccinations.

It has a Real-Time Prescription Benefit

The Real-Time Prescription Benefit of CharmHealth’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) enables clinicians to quickly determine whether prior authorization is needed for a prescription. Additionally, clinicians are provided with therapeutic alternatives for each prescription, making every decision easier and faster. With this feature, doctors and pharmacists can see which medications they have left on hand and make the best choice for their patients.

The Real-Time Prescription Benefit allows for seamless interaction between doctors and patients. The Physician can quickly review all the benefits and costs of each prescription and then decide which one to prescribe. This way, the patient can make an informed decision about the treatment that will be most beneficial for them and avoid obstacles to adherence. Patients can choose to take medications they are prescribed based on their needs rather than those of their friends and family.

It is Device Agnostic

Despite the fact that most EHR software is browser-based, CharmHealth is a device-agnostic solution. This means it works on any device that supports HTML5 and provides the same level of functionality and usability as its desktop counterpart. In addition, Charm is fully compliant with HIPAA and the HITECH Act. Because it is a cloud-based solution, it can be accessed anywhere with any Internet connection.

Charm is device-agnostic and MU certified. The cloud-based EHR provides a unified platform for managing patient records. Its intuitive design enables users to manage patient records securely and create them with ease. Its many features include integrated patient intake forms, natural language processing, referral modules, and clinical decision support. The Charm platform also offers a free trial, so you can test its features before you decide to purchase it.

It is Scalable

The technology platform that powers your healthcare IT system will determine whether a health IT solution is scalable. Technology has evolved over time, and each new wave of innovation has brought with it advances in hardware and software. Mainframes were replaced by client/server systems and the availability of web applications facilitated networking over the Internet. Today’s technology is cloud-based, which builds on previous waves of technological evolution while embracing deep innovations in storage/data management and tackling Big Data.

For one, Charm EHR is hosted on the Zoho cloud, a scalable, secure platform that serves 7 million users worldwide. This cloud-based system adheres to HIPAA and HITECH Act security standards, including 256-bit encryption and daily and weekly data backups. Further, Charm EHR is 100% HIPAA and HITECH Act-compliant. Furthermore, it has been certified by the Drummond Group, an ONC-ATCB program, and uses advanced security measures to keep patient data safe.


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