5 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments for a Perfect Smile


A perfect smile need not be a dream. If you want a dazzling smile, cosmetic dentistry treatments are the way for you. Be it crooked teeth, yellowed teeth, or any other dental problems, cosmetic dentistry can help.

The procedure begins with the assessment of your teeth and analysis of your problem. Based on your needs, a suitable cosmetic dentistry treatment is advised.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Though several cosmetic dentistry treatments are available, some popular ones are explained below.

5 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Here are the different procedures to achieve the goal if you are looking for perfect teeth.

Dental Veneers

Do you envy celebrities’ perfect smiles? Dental veneers are the reason behind them. Dental veneers are porcelain veneers. These tooth-colored shells are fixed to your teeth’s surface using a strong adhesive that lasts for several years.

Veneers are mouth-specific, i.e., they are designed as per individual needs. They are created based on your teeth’s color and shape. Modern dental veneers are extremely thin and, when properly cemented, look very realistic.

The ultra-thin veneers often don’t require any specific preparation of teeth or trimming of the teeth surface. They are a good choice if you have spacing between teeth, uneven alignment, cracks, chipped teeth, discolouration, etc. They are an expensive option, but they are effective and protect your smile for an average of 10-15 years if properly taken care of.

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

This is the simplest and most cost-effective way of getting shiny, white teeth. If you are facing yellowing teeth or your teeth are not “white enough” to your liking, teeth whitening or bleaching is the cosmetic dentistry procedure for you.

The procedure is performed by a dental expert. They use specialized products which contain strong bleaching agents and thus are more effective. It is a simple procedure that only lasts for an hour or less. The bleaching agents remove discolouration and lighten up your teeth by many shades.

Modern procedures use laser treatment as well, ensuring a lasting effect. It requires due care of your teeth after the procedure.

Also, avoid using over-the-counter teeth whitening products. They might be damaging to your teeth as they might contain low quality products. Also, their results don’t last long compared to professional teeth whitening treatment.


Braces are not just for kids, and being an adult doesn’t mean that your smile can’t be made more beautiful using them. Invisalign braces are getting popular every day due to their aesthetic purposes.

They are transparent braces that are not fixed. The procedure starts with a 3D image of your teeth. Misalignments are identified, and a plan is made to gradually shift teeth to the desired position. Customized transparent Invisalign braces are crafted for every patient and are fixed in place.

The primary benefit of the Invisalign braces is their transparency. One cannot tell if you are wearing something over your teeth. For crooked and misaligned teeth, they are a great option.

Dental Implants

A missing tooth can be very disappointing. It not only impacts your dental health but also lessens your confidence. Dental implants are the way to deal with this problem.

They are expensive but look natural. In place of the missing tooth, an artificial tooth root, which is generally made of titanium, is installed. Soon, your jaw starts accepting it, and the jawbone grows around it. A ceramic crown is fixed on top, and you get an almost new tooth.

The benefit of dental implants is that they feel completely natural once the bone is fused. Second, they are almost permanent and do not require a reduction of the teeth next to the implant (bridges). They last for 25 years on average. Also, they are better than dentures and more effective.

Dental Bonding

If you have cracked or chipped teeth and dental veneers are too costly for you, then choose dental bonding. It is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that uses resin material to fix your teeth.

It is also called enamel bonding, teeth bonding, or composite bonding. The dental expert assesses your dental problem and then chooses a shade for you. The surface of your teeth is roughened, and a conditional liquid is applied to make the material stick. Then the resin is applied, molded, smoothed, and cured with UV light. The tooth is polished afterwards.
Dental bonding is effective for those who want an affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure. Also, the procedure is reversible.


A beautiful smile is everyone’s right. You must consult your dentist regularly to avoid any potential oral problems. Don’t let a crooked, chipped, or stained tooth rob you of your confidence. Visit your dentist and discuss cosmetic dentistry procedures to learn what’s best for you.


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