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In the current times when people are fed up with this stressful and anxietic life, adventure activities have been one of the most effective and useful methods for providing them with an opportunity to get a peaceful atmosphere in which they can relax. Among these adventure activities, trekking is one of the most common and popular adventure activities that is also often done as a vacation trip. So today I am going to give you a perfect weather guide about the Lake triund trek.

About the trek:

One of the most well-liked weekend treks from Chandigarh and Delhi is the Triund walk. It is conceivably the simplest solo Himalayan hike.

Lake triund trek

It is also incredibly attractive, offering stunning views of the snow-covered Dhauladhar peaks and the Kangra valley.

For those looking for a hassle-free taste of Himalayan trekking, Triund is the right location. It’s simple to complete the hike in a single weekend.

The short but steep trek leads to Triund. The difficult climb is more than made up for by cool strolls under oak and rhododendron trees. The trail is a birdwatcher’s paradise because of the variety of songbirds that may be found in the trees nearby.

Due to the easy accessibility from Dharamshala or McLeodGanj and the high number of trekkers who go on this trek, it can be challenging to appreciate the tranquillity of the location and can become busy at the summit on weekends and during peak season. The splendour of this walk is best appreciated during the workweek.

A wonderful opportunity to explore the colourful Tibetan culture is offered by the town of McLeod Ganj, sometimes referred to as “little Lhasa.”

The weather during different times of the year:

In January:

Although cold, January’s weather is tolerable. The effort is made up for by the clear vistas of the Dhauladhar. 10 to 1 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In February:

Although February is a chilly month, it starts to warm up and the weather becomes more pleasant. 12 to 5 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In March:

Amazing vistas of the Dhauladhar range become available in March as the snow begins to melt. It’s among the greatest times of year to travel to Triund. 18 to 8 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In April:

Visit Triund in April to be fascinated by its beauty as the weather is calm and dry. 20 to 12 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In May:

Despite the good weather in May, you can have some unforeseen showers in the second half. 26 degrees Celsius to 13 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In June:

The monsoon arrives at the hill station in June, leaving the roads slick and muddy. The weather this month could be erratic. 24 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In July:

The monsoon arrives in full force in July. This could make the trek more difficult. At the same time, though, you can see the verdant lowlands. 19 to 14 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In August:

The month of August can be somewhat crowded, but the monsoon ends and the weather turns nice. 22 to 14 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In September:

One of the greatest months to organise a Triund trip in September. The Dhauladhar range is visible clearly, and the weather is good. 23 to 15 degrees Celsius is the temperature range.

In October:

Most of the hikers agree that October is the best time to visit Triund. You don’t need to be concerned about rain because the weather is lovely. 22 to 11 degrees Celsius is the temperature variation.

In November:

Another wonderful month to organise a trip in November. The second half of the month might, however, get extremely chilly. 16 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius is the temperature variation.

In December:

Triund’s weather in December allows an amazing trek, although it is bitterly cold. 12 to 5 degrees Celsius is the temperature variation.

Best time for trekking:

With the exception of January and February, Triund Trek is open all year. Some of the trekking paths were closed down during these months due to the intense snowfall. Due to the pleasant weather and open skies, March through June are the best months to visit Triund. With the exception of the cold winter months, Triund experiences cool, relaxing weather all year round.


From the above I am sure that you would have guessed which time of the year you would want to visit this trek. To be honest I would definitely visit this trek and also recommend you. I can guarantee you won’t look back on this choice with regret. This place is nothing less than a paradise for trekkers and is like a dream come true for them.


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