Best Flowers and Colors that Express Sympathy


What makes us unique and human is a sentiment like empathy, sympathy and all other emotions. We sometimes find ourselves in a position where we need to show others our support in their tough times. It might be difficult to choose a memorial arrangement for a loved one or friend who has passed away. It’s crucial to make sure you choose the appropriate flowers to remember your loved one from the variety of color and types of flowers available, make it easy with Commack florist.

Here is a list from Towers Flowers that will help you to make the right choice –

Hydrangea –

Hydrangeas are ideal for a sympathy flower arrangement because of their shape, which is similar to a big pom-pom made of tiny petals. They are perfect for making garlands, wreaths, and stand-up floral bouquets due to their bulky shape. Also, because hydrangeas come in so many different hues, you may make a full hydrangea arrangement in any hue or palette of your choice and make it meaningful too.

Best Flowers and Colors that Express Sympathy

Carnation –

A highly common option for sympathy flowers is carnations. They are suitable for rituals that last for several days because they are fragrant and sturdy flowers. A highly common option for sympathy flowers is carnations. They are suitable for rituals that last for several days because they are fragrant and sturdy flowers. A white carnation stands for innocence and purity. Pink carnations evoke feelings of memory. A beautiful bunch of carnations can be curated by mixing its various shades, based on their meaning.

Rose –

A literal global symbol of respect and affection is the rose. This makes roses an ideal pick for a funeral flower arrangement. Pink roses express elegance and remembrance, while yellow roses are ideal for honouring the life of a close friend. Indeed, even after somebody has died, conventional red roses are an image of extreme and getting through fondness. Consider including roses in your funeral floral arrangement if you want to make an extra effort to cheer the family up a little.

Lily –

This stunning White lily flower is popularly used to symbolize rebirth, innocence, peace, and rejuvenation. The lily is a profound symbol of a loved one’s spirit and can offer consolation and hope to a family in grief. Its Pure white, clean and smooth appearance can help them to find comfort in themselves and remind them of the support from their friends.

Gladiolus –

A great pick to express your support is a flower that stands for perseverance and character the gladiolus. Giving this flower to a mourning family basically acts as a way of reaffirming to them how great of people they are and the importance of continuing with their grief. The gladiolus is a kind sympathy gift that recognises the pain of loss and effectively expresses your sympathies during a tough time.

Not only picking the right flower for the funeral is an important thing but also the color of the floral arrangement is one of the things you need to take into account while selecting it. The color you pick can have a significant impact, whether you’re sending a condolence bouquet or arranging flowers to decorate the casket during a funeral.

Yellow – Bright yellow and orange flowers take people back to happy times. If you wish to turn a funeral into a time of remembrance of life rather than mourning, they would be appropriate.

Purple – Purple is an accent color that is ideal for funeral flowers since it denotes respect and dignity. It can be combined with white for a tranquil, calming design or with pink for a cheery, lively one.

White – White has typically been the color of condolence and funeral flowers. Insights of tranquillity, purity, and honor are brought on by the hue white. Any memorial service occasion is proper for white flowers.

Pink – Pink stands for tenderness and sympathy. In many instances, pink is a dignified color choice for funeral flower arrangements as well as sympathy flowers.

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