What Flowers to Pick for Anniversaries?


Anniversaries are special occasions to commemorate your love and efforts. Days to revive your relationship and look back at the memories made and the time spent together.
If you are looking for romantic anniversary flowers then the list below is for you.

Here is a list of mesmerizing flowers with same day flower delivery Evanston IL –

  • Red Roses– The bouquets you pick for anniversaries must be well thought out and meaningful. So you can go with a bunch of red roses, not just one or two but you must go with more than a dozen. A bunch of red roses arranged in a classic glass vase. Decorate this vase with a red ribbon as well. You can also go with other single color roses like pink, yellow and orange. Interestingly each color of the rose has a distinct meaning. Like the red roses symbolize life and passion, pink roses represent grace, femininity and adoration. Yellow roses mean happiness and warmth. Lastly, the orange ones mean confidence and sunshine.What flowers to pick for anniversaries
  • Orchids– These flowers are classy and look great anywhere around your space. You can go with Mokara orchids which are purple in color. You can make a mix of orchid bouquets with these purple beauties and other flowers like calla lilies, Peruvian lilies and also Asiatic lilies. Another kind of orchid you can pair is cymbidium orchids which have a yellow and green tint to them. These would look great with roses and green poms. Orchids when in purple symbolize refinement, charm, beauty and thoughtfulness. Yellow ones represent joy, new beginnings and friendship.
  • Peonies– This is one of the most romantic flowers out there, peonies have a lot of petals which open up slowly over a few days and look gorgeously mesmerizing. You can make a bouquet with just peonies or to make it even better you can go with assorted peonies, carnations, ranunculus, white roses and some greens. You can get this organized in an artistic vase with flower delivery in Evanston IL. Peonies symbolize good luck, love and prosperity.

You can get peony flowers from florist Evanston il and decorate them across the house for a romantic evening for your anniversary.

  • Sunflowers– A rather interesting pick for anniversary celebrations. Sunflowers will always remind you to be happy and dance through all ups and down. Definitely, something needed while you are trying to make a relationship work. Sunflowers are bundles of joy and radiate positivity. For a sunflower bouquet, you would need these bold flowers with some contrasting colors like reds and orange or even purple. You can also go with sunflowers, hot pink roses or gerberas. The color yellow is a symbol of happiness, warmth and confidence. Sunflowers on the other hand represent loyalty and adoration.
  • Lilies– A wide family that has a huge variety of similar flowers with some different colors and shapes. Lilies come in various types like Asiatic, Oriental, and Stargazer. Turkish and Peruvian. Each of these has its own distant feature which sets it apart from the rest. You can create a lily flower arrangement with roses, white lilies, solidago, tiny daisies and some premium foliage. Each lily has a specific meaning and you can get it from Preston flowers. So generally lilies symbolize purity, innocence and devotion.

For all your flowers you can also go one step ahead with the vessel you choose for them you can go with regular burlap or some artistic container like a ceramic vase, metal vase, a woven basket or a traditional clear glass vase. You will find these Anniversary Flower bouquets in Evanston IL pretty easily and surprise your loved one. Flowers of all kinds will bring you calm and happiness. So don’t forget to spread smiles, love and care along with some lovely flowers.


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