Procore Pricing Plans


There are several Procore pricing plans to choose from. The basic plan, 552 USD a month, gives you full project management features. The next two plans, 805 USD a month and $1,075 a month, offer more features and higher price tags. This article will explore all of them to help you choose which one is best for your needs. Procore is one of the most powerful projects management tools on the market, but it does come at a price.

Accubid price

If you are in the market for a construction estimating software solution, you may be wondering how much Procore Accubid cost you. Fortunately, this SaaS-hosted software solution has a free trial period and is one of the most reasonable pricing plans on the market. Read on to find out what makes Accubid so great for construction companies. The price can be an important factor in deciding which program is best for your needs.

Procore Pricing Plans

The first thing to consider when comparing pricing is whether you’ll use it for a single project or for the entire company. Accubid is a great option for mid-sized building businesses, but if you’re considering a broader solution, Accubid Enterprise is probably the better choice. It comes with a customizable database and allows multiple users to collaborate from anywhere. It also integrates pricing technology with the software, allowing it to serve as a collaborative tool for your entire business.

PlanGrid price

If you’re in the market for a new construction management system, you should compare the price of ProCore and PlanGrid before making a decision. Both have their strengths and weaknesses and each has its own price range. The price of Procore is generally $375 per user, per year. For a bundle, you’ll pay $549 per year. PlanGrid is available in three pricing packages, monthly, annual, and per project.

Procore and PlanGrid have different price ranges for different users. The Procore plan is affordable for small businesses, while PlanGrid’s price is slightly more expensive for large businesses. You can try Procore free for a month to compare its features. However, the Procore plan is ideal for small businesses that don’t need dozens of users, as the PlanGrid price starts at $39 per month for 550 sheets, and goes up to $119 per month for unlimited sheets.

ComputerEase price

When considering which construction management software to purchase, the price of ProCoreComputerEase should be a factor. The software has become a leading provider of construction accounting and project management solutions that work seamlessly with contractor workflows. With fully integrated field-to-office integration, it allows construction companies to save considerable amounts of time and money. It also streamlines the daily operations of businesses, making it the preferred choice of more than 6,000 contractors.

Choosing between ComputerEase and Procore depends on the features your company requires. Procore’s price starts at $667 per month. ComputerEase’s price is higher, but it’s similar to the average Construction software price. Consider which functions you will need, and make sure you only buy what you need. Both programs offer a large variety of features and pricing options, so you can choose the one that meets your needs best.

RedTeam price

If you’re in the market for Construction Management Software, you may be wondering whether the Procore RedTeam price is right for your company. Procore and RedTeam are both widely used in construction, and they both have high user satisfaction ratings. Whether you’re in the market for software to automate your entire project lifecycle, or you’re just looking for a better solution for your current needs, you’ll want to consider comparing their prices and features before you commit to either.

If you’re in the market for a construction management solution, you’ll find that RedTeam’s price is reasonable. It starts at $395 per user, billed annually. With that price tag, you’ll be able to access all of the software’s features, including a robust knowledge base. The price of RedTeam increases as your company grows, but you won’t be charged any extra until you reach $2 million in annual construction value.

Accubid vs Procore price

The main differences between Accubid and Procore pricing plans are in the total cost of ownership. The total cost of ownership includes subscription fees, software training, hardware, maintenance & support, and related services. Accubid starts at $2,000 per license, while Procore starts at $667 per month. On a scale of 1 to 10, Accubid is the cheaper option. If price is your top priority, Procore might be a better fit for you.

While Procore is expensive, Accubid is an affordable subscription-based alternative. Accubid is more customizable, offers multi-user capability, and has a professionally designed report module. The main drawback of Accubid is its steep learning curve. Procore is more expensive, but the price difference is negligible when you compare Procore’s pricing with Buildertrend’s.

TriBuild price

The TriBuild price is quite competitive with similar software solutions. The platform offers features to manage shop drawings, material, and equipment inventory, reducing the number of RFIs and change orders. Additionally, the platform provides automatic log and report updates to track project progress. Digital document copies are automatically uploaded to the platform’s project database and routed to project team members for review. This helps contractors make informed decisions about the timeliness of the project.

As an online construction project management system, TriBuild offers a variety of plans that cater to the unique needs of specialty trade contractors. The software can track multiple construction projects, RFIs, change orders, and billings, as well as track project progress and profitability. Its price reflects the benefits it offers to small and mid-sized general contractors. If you’re unsure about the pricing structure, contact the TriBuild support team.


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