What Flowers are Good to Boost the Mood?


Flowers in general are known to boost your mood and surroundings. How? It’s all about the vibrations, yes the energy that radiates from the. Flowers are said to have a great impact on your mental health and overall well-being… If you are feeling kinda low or someone around you is not feeling as their usual self you can try getting flowers. They not just boost the mood of the recipient but also, put a smile on the face of the person giving since it is a kind gesture which should be followed more often.

Flowers that will give you a head start are from Bethpage florist –


These are known for their color and bright look. Sunflowers grow in the summer from the month of July till fall. These flowers are huge and grow up to anywhere between 1-6 Ft. For a bouquet or flower arrangement, you need to get a small size sunflower and also cut the stems if needed. To create a sunflower bouquet you can go with contrasting colors like pink and lavender. You can also go with peach roses. White snapdragons green tone filler flowers like button poms. Sunflowers symbolize good fortune, intelligence, vitality and joy. You can get just a bunch of simple sunflowers from a florist in Melville NY. Get these flowers arranged in a gorgeous vase to complete the whole picture of the bouquet.

What flowers are good to boost the mood

Gerbera daisies-

These flowers come from the family of daisies and are relatively bigger with a wide variety of colors. Gerberas are just amazing since they look like your ideal flower. If say as a child you were asked to draw a flower that has exactly that shape. A round flower with a number of petals all around. You will have all colors in these flowers from bold reds to soft tone pinks. You just need to pick the ones that will bring cheer to your face. The best ones are red colored Gerberas, pink, yellow and orange. The colors are most prominent in these so they are more likely to brighten you up. You can create a bouquet with this by adding roses, lilies, and snapdragons to it.


The perfect lilies may be hard to find but you can get them from any of the flower shops in Plainview NY. Lilies once again are versatile and give you various shapes, sizes, textures and also colors. To begin with, lilies symbolize devotion and purity in general and with every color and subtype the meaning changes. Isn’t that fascinating? To bring in some warmth you can set up a lily bouquet or send it over with some pink Asiatic lilies, hot pink roses, and light pink carnations. Another way of using lilies is to pair it with hydrangeas in white and snapdragons and the color of the lily could change as well like orange or red.

Mix bunch-

Instead of focusing on one flower what not take the goddess of all these flowers and make it into one bouquet which will look magical? With a florist in Plainview, you will get a variety of mixed bouquets that are perfect to represent your care towards someone. The options in these mixed ones are endless so you can really go super creative with them. Else you can leave it all up to the florist and let them create a masterpiece for you. You can put together hydrangeas in all colors with some roses and filler flowers. You can also go with a garden fresh mix with baby breaths, delicate-looking flowers like lilac, dianthus and peonies.

Grab a bunch of flowers that you love and love yourself, or spread some cheer by giving them off to others.


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