Develop Your Own Crypto Cashback Platform Like StormX


They are all aware that the cryptocurrency industry is thriving globally. Set up the first stage in creating a bitcoin cashback reward scheme. Instead of starting from scratch, you may utilize an existing Stormx Clone Script.

Aside from payment, the startup attracts cryptocurrency enthusiasts by making the StormX operating system more configurable. StormX has received much attention from the corporate world and raised more than $30 million.

StormX: What exactly does it mean?

Users may earn incentives, and cashback with every transaction on the cryptocurrency cashback incentive network StormX. StormX upgrades have piqued the imagination of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. StormX has raised more than $30 million, piquing the corporate world’s interest.

Develop Your Own Crypto Cashback Platform Like StormX

StormX clone is a ready-to-use solution for fast-developing bitcoin payback and reward applications for companies. It includes features and a business strategy to assist you in creating a profitable crypto rewards network. Let’s start with the fundamentals before developing software like StormX.

What makes StormX Clone a good buy?

Every day, more and more people use mobile phones, and almost everyone today has one. Even if individuals use them for diverse purposes, such as shopping or purchasing something, it’s difficult to deny that they’ve grown vital. Like the rest of the world, our economy is now digital.

Making a mobile app is the greatest approach to discovering new consumers and entering the bitcoin selling industry. As the number of app downloads and mobile users has increased, many entrepreneurs, including you, have pounced on the possibility of launching this crypto reward company.

How to build a StormX Clone?

Here are a few quick methods to learn how StormX Clone works.

  1. The app’s creator will be connected to several online retailers and other sites where individuals sell their wares.
  2. The administrator receives a commission every time a consumer purchases anything from the app/dealer.
  3. The administrator sends the user half of the commission in bitcoin.
  4. Users have the option of receiving or sorting their money.
  5. Install the app on your phone and PC via the Chrome Extension.

Customers may get the money after they have met the minimum cash-back incentive amount.

What Sets Our StormX Clone Script Apart?

All data and transactions are secure.

Our stormx clone script is suitable for usage by other parties.

Only those who have been checked out are permitted to sell.

Customers may receive cash back by interacting with approved merchants, which is a terrific way to save money.

Your money will be returned to you within 24 hours.

When a transaction is completed, customers get their bitcoin within 24 hours.

The majority of bitcoin cashback come in the type.

You may provide Bitcoin cashback that pays handsomely with our Stormx clone software.

Browser extensions that may be useful

You may modify how it operates by installing an extension in a browser such as Chrome.


STMX coins that are staked increase at 27.5% each year.

Put it together

Every day, our program, which resembles StormX, improves. Our products are simple to purchase online, but if you utilize bitcoin, you have a strong possibility of generating a lot of money. It’s one of the few blockchain program solutions that provides several ways to get bitcoin, increasing your possibilities of generating more money with our stormX clone script. You can maintain the app’s product list up to date, making it simpler for your consumers to purchase online. Contact the best web3 development company right away! 


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