Best PRP Hair Treatment For Hair Loss In Dubai and UAE


Hair that is lovely and well-groomed is another key feature that adds to our attractiveness. Similar to skin, hair requires special care, and sometimes regular at-home and salon regimens are insufficient. The worst part is that the hair starts to fall out under the influence of external causes like stress and hormone imbalances. The hair starts to dry out, break, and develop dandruff.

PRP Hair Treatment

Since it was first used in 2009 to cure and prevent hair loss, PRP therapy has gained enormous popularity among trichologists and their clients. After a few years, PRP therapy started to be actively utilized to treat all types of hair loss in addition to enhancing the general health of the scalp and hair. Initially, this approach was employed to treat androgenetic alopecia. You can get Best PRP Hair Treatment for Hair Loss in Dubai and UAE.

Features of Hair Loss in Men

Androgenic baldness, often known as male pattern baldness, is a condition. Although rare, it can also affect women. Hormonal imbalances in the body lead to androgenetic alopecia. At the same time, loss in men is more closely linked to dihydrotestosterone, the active metabolite of testosterone rather than a decline in testosterone levels. It is secreted in the follicle (by an enzyme’s activity), which results in early hair loss. Inheritance of baldness is another factor that can contribute to it.

The frontoparietal and crown regions are the only places where this kind of baldness occurs. Almost neither the temporal nor occipital zones are impacted.

The androgenic kind of alopecia eventually develops. The process often starts with the hair getting thinner, brittle, and growing more slowly. Then bald spots start to develop. They are found on the crown or frontal regions of the stronger sex representatives. Additionally, increased facial hair growth, the emergence of acne, and greasy seborrhea are frequently associated with the process of hair loss on the head. It will be very difficult to stop baldness if hair loss is not treated promptly; hair will start falling out swiftly on the frontal-parietal and crown zones.

Features of Hair Loss in Women

Diffuse or consistent baldness is the term used to describe it in women. Women experience widespread hair loss on their heads. The frontoparietal and crown zones are where it starts.

However, hair loss in women does not result in bald patches; rather, the front hairline is maintained. If therapy is not started after the hair starts to fall out heavily, it will significantly thin out all over the head in a few years. Complete hair loss can happen after 10 to 15 years if effective therapy is not received. Women may experience both active and gradual hair loss.

Women may experience one of three types of hair loss: telogen (the most frequent type, which is brought on by the fact that 80% of hair follicles enter a “sleeping form” ahead of time due to chronic illnesses or damage to the endocrine system); anagen form (this type of hair loss is manifested due to exposure to aggressive environmental factors, while the follicles can completely die).

Hormonal issues, the postpartum period, toxic effects, iron deficiency, exposure to fungi or microorganisms, immune system issues, frequent coloring, and perming are some more prevalent causes of hair loss in women.


Reasons to perform the procedure:

  • Any type (androgenic, nested, dispersed) of hair loss;
  • Preparing for and recovering from a hair transplant;
  • Slowly growing hair;
  • Psoriasis, seborrhea, dandruff, and seborrheic dermatitis are chronic conditions affecting the scalp;
  • Deterioration of hair’s look and quality (dullness, thinning, brittleness, thinning).

Plasma Therapy PRP

The procedure is similar to mesotherapy, except instead of therapeutic cocktails, injections of platelets derived from a small amount of the patient’s blood are used instead.

Compared to the patient’s source material, the final concentrate has 4-5 times more platelets. It is injected into the scalp’s obvious hair loss spots. The drug’s effects start right away after administration. Blood cells, or platelets, start to strengthen the skin as they penetrate. The hair follicles resume their function after such a procedure with renewed enthusiasm, which results in active hair growth. Since new hair comes from the same follicle as the old one, it is important to treat baldness when the hair follicle is still living, as you are probably aware. Therefore, Best PRP Hair Treatment for Hair Loss in Dubai and UAE is advised for patients who have only recently started experiencing hair loss or alopecia.

Within a few weeks, the treatment causes the intercellular metabolic system to be activated, enhancing the synthesis of vital components. As a result, the hair becomes thicker and stronger. Additionally, PRP therapy effectively reduces inflammation and aids in dandruff eradication. Treatment results in the hair becoming thicker, more elastic, and with restored structural integrity. halts hair from splitting.


The following contraindications do not require that the procedure be performed:

  • A low blood platelet count;
  • Mental and emotional disorders;
  • Cancerous conditions;
  • Disorders connected to poor blood coagulation;
  • Diseases that are inflammatory and infectious;
  • Using blood thinners and corticosteroids;
  • Pregnancy and the nursing stage.

Results of the PRP Treatment

Following the technique, the following advantages are seen:

  • The number of hairs that fall out lessens;
  • Sebaceous gland activity returns to normal;
  • The strength of hair follicles;
  • Boosts the hair’s diameter and density;
  • Itchiness on the skin, dryness, and dandruff disappears;
  • Decreasing hair section and fragility;
  • Hair has returned to looking elastic, thick, and healthy.

At least 5 to 6 treatments are advised for best results.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

Best PRP Hair Treatment for Hair Loss in Dubai and UAE has the following benefits:

  • No negative consequences because the patient’s blood plasma was used;
  • Non-surgical feature of the technique – injections into the scalp essentially leave no signs, do not compromise the tissues’ integrity, and do not cause the development of scars;
  • PRP therapy heals the skin very quickly, and the injection marks vanish within a few days since, unlike hair transplantation, it has no mechanical impact on the hair follicles.


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