Top 6 Student Cities in NZ



NZ is one of the greatest countries in the world when it comes to studying overseas. The country is amazing and features lots of astonishing student cities. But which of these amazing student cities should you select for your studies? So, to answer this question today we are sharing with you the top six student cities in NZ.


Wellington is a stupendous city. Despite having a small population of around 2,00,000 people it is famous for its global standards. Moreover, the city has a rich culture and lots of beautiful natural attractions. Besides this, it features many amazing beaches, botanical gardens, and green hills. Additionally, wellington is one of the safest cities in NZ and features many cafes, restaurants as well as bars. Plus, it consists of many world-class higher educational institutions like Victoria University of Wellington, Massey University, University of Otago, etc. To learn about Massey University in-depth feel free to contact our New Zealand student visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Top 6 Student Cities in NZ


Auckland is one of the glitziest cities in New Zealand. The city is famous for its incredible sky tower in the central business district that gives its phenomenal skylines. Moreover, you can also bungee jump from the tower if you want. Furthermore, it is a very ethnically diverse city and around 30% of its population consists of Asians. Besides this, it also has a large Māori population. This makes Auckland one of the best places to learn about NZ’s fascinating cultural tapestry. Besides this, it has two big harbors and is very near to Takapuna beach and the Waitakere Mountain range. Additionally, it consists of various phenomenal universities like the University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology, Manukau Institute of Technology, etc.


The city is present in the amazing Waikato region in NZ. The city is famous for its Hamilton gardens and botanical paradise. Moreover, a lot of sandy beaches are also near the city. Besides this, Hamilton is also famous for its buzzing nightlife and Waikato stadium. Plus, the city also hosts many international rugby/cricket games. Additionally, the biggest attraction of the city is that it allows international students to do homestays with natives of the country. This allows students to easily settle down in New Zealand without any difficulty. Apart from this, Hamilton features many great academic institutions like the University of Waikato, Waikato Management School, etc. Overall, Hamilton is a stunning student city and its nightlife is also amazing.


Christchurch is popularly called the Garden City. This is because the city features many fantastic parks and green spaces. It is a big city in comparison to other cities in New Zealand and consists of around 4,00,000 people. However, the city has a quaint village feel and does not feature lots of hills and mountains like Auckland/Wellington. Besides this, the classical architecture of the city is also famous worldwide. Apart from this, the city is popular for its street art and canterbury museum. The key reason behind the popularity of Christchurch is its contribution to the field of biology, ecology, geology, etc. This is why many science students prefer to go to Christchurch for their education. Moreover, the city also has lots of lawns/parks. The city houses excellent Kiwi universities like the University of Canterbury, NASDA, New Zealand College of Business, etc.


Dunedin aka the Edinburgh of New Zealand is a great Kiwi city. The city is famous for its architectural heritage, literary heritage, fabulous museums, old townhouses, etc. Besides this, Dunedin is also famous for its street art as well as its bustling social scene. Moreover, since it is very near the coast you will find lots of beaches in the city. Apart from this, many great poets like Charles Brasch, Thomas Bracken, etc. come from Dunedin. Plus, it houses remarkable Kiwi universities like the University of Otago, Queenstown Resort College, etc. To learn about the best academic programs to study at the University of Otago feel free to contact our New Zealand education consultants in Delhi.


These are some of the best Kiwi cities that you can select for pursuing your education. Thus, if you plan to study in NZ, we suggest you check out all these amazing kiwi cities. These cities are astonishing and provide top-notch education and facilities to their students.  Choosing any of these cities for pursuing your higher education can be very beneficial for you.


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