Some Surprisingly Affordable Packaging Ideas


Packaging is not just a means to an end but a valuable opportunity to connect your customers with your brand. The sleekest packaging shared on social media is now at the heart of advertising and marketing strategies. Companies are incorporating unique and creative packaging into high-impact digital marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and reach dramatically. However, custom packaging can quickly become an expensive investment, like custom burger boxes. Some of the ideas are written below.

Some Surprisingly Affordable Packaging Ideas

Die Cut Standard Boxes

Don’t underestimate the power of classic design. The box is a standard straight cardboard design with color printing and unique cuts. Surprisingly, it was not expensive. It looks expensive because it’s so effective. It looks expensive because the branding and artwork are so effective. For 5-10% more production cost, you can have a custom design printed on the inside of the box.

Printed Graphics

Nothing highlights a brand’s innovative, minimalist design like a printed sample. Don’t be fooled by the luxurious look Print designs can be achieved on an offset press.

The printed pattern can be realized by offset or digital printing, and the color is full CMYK. What does this mean?

You don’t need to use PMS or unique papers or inks to achieve this effect. You must ensure that the graphic matches your branding and the imagery is eye-catching.

It makes sense as digital printing is often cheaper than offset printing, but it offers a bright future and a promising path for the printing and packaging industry. It means that it will be easier to improve offset printing quality with digital printing technology, and the long lithographic printing process may not be necessary in the future. Digital printing is a great way to reduce carton packaging and e-commerce costs. With this technology, we can significantly reduce the cost of offset printing equipment and tools, and lead times can be shortened in many cases.

Custom Printed Packaging Sleeves

The drawer and slide cover accentuates your branding and unique design and enhances the unboxing experience for a fraction of the price of a fully custom box.

Box covers are a great way to kill two birds with one stone for businesses that want to be cost-effective and protect the environment. Due to the box’s design, the box cover is not affected, so customers can reuse the packaging without having to throw it away.

Do you sell food or perishable products? Custom sleeves can reduce costs as no additional paper or cardboard material is required. They are less expensive than the original packaging but offer the opportunity to be as creative as you want.

Hot stamping

Not so long ago, bronzing was labor-intensive and relatively expensive. Today, most packaging companies and printers offer various hot stamping options at a lower cost than before.

Generally speaking, adding options such as hot stamping, spot UV, and embossing will only add 10-15% to the production cost of large orders.

You can add value to your branded packaging without high prices. Choose the right design for your product or brand: contemporary, modern, luxurious, striking, or graphic.

Paper Towels and Inserts

Whether a fully custom box or a standard branded box, adding custom interiors to your packaging can provide your customers with a unique brand experience. Paper towels are made of thinner material, which has the massive advantage of low material cost. It also has the benefit of providing customers with a positive brand experience.

Adding interstitials is another creative way to enhance the out-of-the-box experience. Including a pre-printed thank, you note is also a good deal. It can also add a personal touch to any packaging. This personalized opening experience will leave a lasting impression on your customers and influence their future brand purchases.

Plus, these cards can be a great way to alert customers to your social media channels. They can also encourage people to share your products and packaging on social media.

You can develop a completely branded, out-of-the-box, unique experience by adding inserts and handkerchiefs. It avoids investing in more expensive designs.

Stickers and Labels

Stickers are a versatile way to personalize packaged products. When paper towels are used for packaging, the logo should be the first thing customers see when they open the box. To achieve this, secure the tissue with custom stickers. Like many other packaged goods, the price of stickers decreases as the number of prints increases. Fees vary depending on the printed sheet or roll, size, and shape.

Stickers and logos can be applied inside or outside the package to create a custom look at a small cost. This way, you can provide your customers with a unique brand experience while reducing the cost of printing boxes.


Packaging is an integral part of a product. Don’t underestimate the power of packaging design. In today’s competitive marketplace, personalized packaging is a tool that can influence what customers think, think and talk about your product. It will also be of great benefit to your brand in the future.

Cost-effective, tailor-made design capabilities allow you to package your products uniquely, creating a compelling impression and leaving a lasting brand experience.


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