Which One is The Best Job After Bcom? – A Sneak Peak!


‘What is the best job after BCom for me?’

Most people think which BCom marketing job will be the best for them after having a bachelor’s degree in commerce. As per the India Skills Report 2022, the youth employability in 2021 is 46.2%. As per the 2022 report, 88.6% of graduates are looking for job opportunities. 

According to the ISR 2022, finance, e-commerce, and IT, firm jobs are currently in demand. Being one of the most popular courses in the marketing field, there is high competition in the marketing job market to get the best job after BCom. 

Which One is The Best Job After Bcom

Also, not all the marketing career options list the highest-paying marketing jobs. Thus, choosing the right marketing domain per current trends is crucial. 

‘What to do after BCom?’

While most people are confused about what can be the next step in their future, there is always a dilemma about whether to look for career opportunities in marketing or go for BCom marketing courses. 

If the goal is to look for career options after BCom, the hustle starts with looking for the best marketing career prospects. Everyone wants to get the best job after BCom but is confused about which one is best. 

Undoubtedly, the demand for the digital marketing domain is considered the best job after BCom. It is one of the best marketing career options.

Since every other company is looking for digital marketing experts, it is essential to possess the right skills to beat the competition. 

To gain such skills, it is recommended that you take certification courses in the digital marketing domain to get the highest-paying jobs in the digital marketing domain. 

Even though multiple platforms provide certification courses, it is crucial to choose the right platforms to gain the specific skill set that can help you directly climb the ladder of success. 

One such platform is Expertrons which is the best training platform for providing Expertrons PRO certification courses in digital marketing. The best part is that it gives a 100% job guarantee* after its training program. 

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What are the best marketing jobs after B.Com?

There are multiple career opportunities in marketing after graduation in the commerce field. However, below are some of the most popular and demanding job fields in the marketing arena that offer lucrative job opportunities. 

  1. Business Analyst
  2. SEO Experts
  3. Digital Marketing (Most Recommended)
  4. Brand Management
  5. Supply Chain management
  6. Web Designing
  7. Graphic Designing

These fields constantly compete to get the title of ‘best job after BCom,’ so there is cut-throat competition among the job-seekers for these fields. Therefore, you must possess the right skills to be a vital marketing professional on the ladder of success. 

The right training platform is crucial to ensure that you step on it and give a kickstart to your career!

How can Expertrons PRO be the right one for you?

If you are looking for career opportunities in marketing, then Expertrons is the right fit!

With 6000+ industry experts, Expertrons, via its top training program in the country, provides domain-specific training and gives you personalized expert consultations to get the best positions in leading companies such as Deloitte, One Plus, KPMG, Flipkart, and so on.

Getting jobs after the digital marketing course becomes much more accessible via this course. Expertrons PRO helps build soft and domain-specific skills to help you directly land your dream career in no time.   

You will be a part of 3.5 Lakh+ like-minded candidates and develop yourself with healthy competition and network. 

Key features of Expertrons PRO:

  • Job Referrals and Reach-Outs
  • Soft Skill & Hard Skill Training
  • Access to 6000+ Industry Experts
  • Access to 4000+ Hiring Partners
  • 100% Job Placement Guarantee*
  • 5x Industry Knowledge & Skills
  • Interview Preparation & Profile Makeover

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Bottom Line

Choosing a suitable Digital marketing certification course or training from a pool of online digital marketing courses can land you directly onto the ladder of success. 

Considered the best job after BCom, as per the trends, the right expertise and skills are required to excel in this arena. 

Only with the right skills will you be able to land your dream job! 


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