Beginners Guide For Sandhan Valley Trek



To go to the valley, one has to first visit Samrad village, and to reach there one has to first visit Kasara or Igatpuri. Satisfactory with e-book self-drive car and power till the village. The space from Mumbai to the valley is set at 200 km and can be reached in 5 hours. Since the rays of the sun do now not reach the ravines, the Sandhya Valley is likewise known as the Valley of Shadows. There is an astonishing valley inside the Sahyadri mountains. It is one of the most challenging and exciting treks from Sahyadri.

Samrad village is placed in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.Trek Time: five Hours issue level: slight to difficult height: Descending Valley Trek Approx 2 hundred feet deep and a couple of km long Trek Time: 5 hours difficulty stage: moderate to hard

What Time of year is satisfactory For A Trek in Sandhan Valley?

Except for summertime, any time of the year is suitable for trekking at Sandhan Valley. It gets warm and humid, and enduring the heat drains your power, making the trek much less enjoyable. Sandhan Valley treks are mainly memorable and enjoyable in iciness, autumn, and even the monsoon season.

Beginners Guide For Sandhan Valley Trek

How to Reach There?

To reach Samrad village, you need to first go to Kasara or Igatpuri. Street: rent an automobile and power to Samrad village. The gap between Mumbai and Sandhan Ghati is around 2 hundred km, which takes four to 5 hours to travel. 

Alternatively, you can take a national shipping bus from Mumbai or Pune to Igatpuri-Ghoti, from where buses to Bhandardara are to be had, and then take a shared jeep to Samrad village.


Take a train from Mumbai to Kasara. Take Kasara fast from CST.Arrive at Kasara and reserve a shared jeep for Samrad. There are numerous shared jeep rides available. You can also take a long-distance education for your vacation spot.

Path For Hiking:-

Begin your trek at Samrad and you will pass through shallow water 2 to four feet deep within the first few hours. On the way down, you’ll come across the Tarzan swing factor, where you’ll stroll and use a rope ladder earlier than doing some cave crawling. You will then descend and upward thrust thru the rock patch. There will be deep water pools to get into, extensive rocks to climb up after which a campsite. Bun top and Ajoba Hill could be visible out of your vantage factor.

Adventure Returned:-

Maintain descending via the gentle slopes from the pond and take a riverside trek to Dehne village, where buses are available to Asangaon station. Rather, come lower back to Samrad through the same route and seize a shared jeep to your destination, or live at Bhandardara for a longer excursion.


The journey price for a self-drive vehicle from Mumbai to Bhandardara (round trip) tiers from Rs 5000 to Rs 8000. Educate price ticket fee will range from Rs. One thousand to Rs.1200.(return fare). The price of a shared jeep is Rs 50 in line with the person. The charge for bus tickets from Mumbai to Bhandardara may be between Rs. Six hundred and Rs.800.

On a single day, camping is available on the Gorge Camp in your very own tent. The cost of 1 night living in Samrad village is Rs.500 and Rs. 800. Living in Bhandardara on a budget starts off evolving from Rs.

A thousand.Meals: all through the adventure, the value of food could be anywhere between Rs.2 hundred and Rs.Six hundred. Trek operators will rate between Rs.1600 and Rs.

Traveler attractions

Citadel AMK:-

Handiest in case you aren’t completely bored with the Sandhan Valley trek, climb as much as find out the ancient forts of Alang, Madan, and Kulang. These are hard climbs, so take time without work at Bhandardara and then cross trekking.

Fort Ratangadi:-

For another exciting trek, take a moderately steep climb from Bhandardara to Ratangarh castle.

Waterfalls at Little Ghat:-

A lovely waterfall can be visible at Ratanwadi, only a few kilometers far from the bottom camp.

Attractions in trek:-

Go to many extra beautiful waterfalls in Bhandardara, consisting of Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai top, and Randha Falls, as well as the charming villages of Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake, and Ratanwad 

Best Things in Igatpuri:-

Adventure to Igatpuri, which is ready an hour away,

Igatpuri Food

There might be no food on the manner as it’s miles a shady ravine trek with no settlements around. But loads of self-made food is served by the locals of Samrad village, who cook clean and warm Marathi dishes which include bhakri,poha,upma, bhaji, dal, and rice. 

Have a wholesome and entire breakfast before starting the trek, take food with you for the night, and on touchdown, have a pleasant lunch at Dehne or Samrad. If you tour in a group trek, the trek operator will provide the meals.

Protection and Journey recommendation:-

First-time trekkers should no longer attempt this trek without the assistance of a manual or trekking enterprise. Your patience might be examined in this trek. Stay away if you have a medical circumstance, a susceptible coronary heart, or high blood stress. Convey along a few strength bars, insect repellent, and a windbreaker.

Percent mild and use a comfy backpack to bring enough water from the village of cultivation. The water from the paths can be unsafe to drink. There are not any restrooms on the path unless the trek operator has set up a porta potty.


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