15+ Innovative Ideas to Use Your Wall Tapestry in New Ways



Mandala tapestries are available in many colors, designs, or patterns. The Mandala tapestry can be used to brighten up your space in a fun and creative way. The room can become joyful and happy thanks to the tapestries. Tapestries not only delight the eyes but also bring a sense of calm to the room.

If you’re looking for an innovative and unique way to decorate your home, and have a lot of mandala tapestries in your home, you don’t have to search the market for ideas. You can simply use the wall tapestries. Mandala tapestries can be used as home decor in many ways.

15+ Innovative Ideas to Use Your Wall Tapestry in New Ways

Let’s take a look at some ways mandala tapestries can be used.

  1. It can be used as a ceiling tapestry
  2. Chair pads
  3. Headboard
  4. Pillows with Decorative Designs
  5. Picnic sheet
  6. Wallpaper
  7. Beach Throw
  8. Round beach blanket
  9. Round wall hangings
  10. Curtains
  11. Floor cushions and poufs
  12. Sofa cover
  13. Furniture covers
  14. Outdoor or bed tent
  15. Meditation and yoga mat
  16. Bedspread
  17. Create a statement wall
  18. Make a sunlight diffuser

It can be used as a ceiling tapestry

You can add a stunning look to your ceiling with Mandala tapestries. They will add texture and elements to your ceiling, as well as hide any unattractive spots. Any of your favorite mandala tapestries can be hung. The ceiling can be used to enhance the space’s appearance and make it feel larger.

Chair pads

Chairs are an important part of any house furniture. These chairs can make a room feel more inviting and comfortable if they are colorful and elegant. Mandala tapestries work well for cushioning chairs. These tapestries add style, color, and texture that enhance the chair’s appearance. You and your family will enjoy a comfortable sitting experience with designer mandala tapestries. Guests will want to return to your home again.

You can cover your chair with tapestries if you are tired of them being wall decor. This gives the chair an elegant and unique look. Mandala tapestries add a bohemian touch to your furniture.


It’s time for a room makeover if you’re bored with your old headboard and plane. Your mandala tapestry can be used as a headboard to give your room a fresh and new look.

Decorative pillows

Your pillow covers are an integral part of your bedroom. The mandala tapestries can be used as a pillow cover. This will transform your plain pillows into an art piece. You can also use tapestry fabric as a pillow cover.

Picnic sheet

Tapestries are available in many fabrics. You can use the cotton ones as picnic sheets. Cotton tapestries can be washed easily and are therefore easy to maintain. The colorful and unique design of the Mandala tapestry will bring joy to your picnic.


Tapestries come in many sizes so you can choose a large tapestry to wallpaper your room. Combining multiple mandala tapestries can give your room a warm and vibrant look. Your room will look amazing with the stunning mandala tapestries. The tapestries can be used to transform simple walls into high-quality, thematic walls.

Beach Throw

These tapestries can be used as beach blankets and are softly fabricated. They are easy to transport. Mandala tapestries can give your basic beach blanket a makeover. Elegant beach photos are also possible. You can spice up your beach photos with Mandala tapestry.

Round beach blanket

Your mandala tapestries can be used as fancy drapes. It can be draped around to provide sun protection. You can also display your fancy drape.

Round wall hangings

You can cut the mandala tapestries from the fabric to use as wall hangings in your home. This mandala tapestry wall hangs will transform your old walls into elegant and new ones. Perfect for wall hangings, the mandala tapstry’s color and design are ideal.


These beautiful mandala tapestries will transform your windows. The tapestries can be used as curtains to transform the dull look of your room. Mandala tapestries can instantly brighten up your space’s atmosphere and look.

Floor cushions and poufs

Mandala tapestries’ decorative designs add positive and vibrant vibes to any environment. These tapestries can be used as pillows covers for those who are currently seated on the ground. You can give your pet a mandala tapestry to make a fancy bed.

Sofa cover

The mandala tapestries can be used as pillow covers or as sofa covers. You can make your sofa look more expensive by using decorative and colorful mandala tapestries to cover it.

Furniture covers

Use colorful mandala tapestries to cover your furniture. You will see a transformation in your simple furniture. It will become elegant and authentic. The mandala tapestries are beautiful and artistic, adding a positive vibe to your home.

Outdoor or bed tent

You can convert large tapestries into picnic tents. These tapestries will give your tents a unique and colorful appearance. They will also enhance the atmosphere with their attractive and colorful designs.

Meditation and yoga mat

Because of their design, Mandala tapestries create a spiritual atmosphere. Mandala tapestries provide a serene environment for yoga. They can be used as a yoga mat or to help with meditation by creating a new atmosphere.


The mandala tapestry can be used as a bedsheet to enhance the appearance of your bedroom. Mandala tapestries are a great way to add humor and fun to your space.

Create a statement wall

A large mandala tapestry can be hung on the wall to create a statement wall. These beautiful, intricate and colorful mandala tapestries can add a sense of positivity to your space and act as an attraction.

Make a sunlight diffuser

Mandala tapestries add an element of design to any room with their rich colors and beautiful designs. A translucent tapestry can be used as a curtain to the window. The tapestry’s color will be dispersed, adding beautiful color to your room.


You can use Mandala tapestries in many different ways. Mandala tapestries are unique and you should be open to experimentation.


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